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‘Shot That F***er Dead’ by The Passerines review

Oppdatert: 17. aug. 2023

The Passerines have released 'Shot That F****er Dead' in 2022 and comes off of their 'Three Five Seven' EP.

Originally a trio from Rugby, they now perform as a quartet, with the new member playing guitar and banjo. Sadly they do not feature on this song, but I've been informed a re-record is possible. Becky Murphy of The Passerines tells me

"This song is a murder ballad of sorts, written for the ladies who snap and take revenge on beating, cheating partners. 

The song has a sea-shanty vibe to it, and is somewhat oxymoronic in so much as it has biblical references yet also cites blasphemy.

"Some call it Hades, some call it hell. Some say it's what created when Lucifer fell. If it's Dante's inferno, I'm bound for level 7. Cause there ain't no way that this girl here is getting to heaven. I did what I had to do to make it to the end. The law wouldn't help me so I got my own revenge."

With references to Hades, Hell and Lucifer, it's clear there are biblical and Greek Mythological inspirations for the story of the song. With the intention of the song evident within the verse, it's clear there is some evil afoot, a fight between good and evil, death and survival. This verse also depicts how domestic violence cases are sometimes handled by law enforcement, or not, resulting in taking the law into their own hands.

"He deserved it, how he was treating me. Running round cheating and beating me. So I stayed up one night and I sat on the bed. He walked in, I took one look and I shot that f***er dead."

The chorus documents the lack of remorse, and an element of premeditated actions. It also demonstrates someone at the end of their tether, no longer able or willing to tolerate the abuse. It must be said though how integral that "one look" is, checking it's the right person, but also the look of trying to find any ounce of good in them.

"I had never even held a gun before this, I aimed the colt, pulled the trigger, prayed I wouldn't miss.

And I shut my eyes tight, so I wouldn't have to see. Cause darlin' all that blood and guts and stuff just ain't for me. Now I'm on the run, and I'm hiding from the law. This wouldn't have happened if they'd listened before.

No one really wants to commit such a heinous crime as taking another life. This is evident where although they may have "prayed I wouldn't miss" they are also doing it with their eyes shut, indicating some remorse and not wanting to accept that they've gone to the dark side. It begs the question, if they don't like blood and guts and stuff then why make a gun the method of choice?

"That's no way to treat a lady. When you're a grown ass man. Didn't your momma ever tell you, never to raise your hand? Not to kiss with your fist, not to hurt the ones you love. Or retribution will be sent, down from up above."

This verse depicts the social standards society demands, treating others (particularly women) well. Although it could be argued that this is an outdated stance as women are becoming independent and self-seficient and less reliant on others, let alone the opposite gender. The verse does also touch on parenting styles, but again, social norms or never "raising your hand" or turning violent towards another; a social norm that is also referenced in The Commandments (Thou shalt not kill). The reference to "not to kiss with your fist" is also a reference to the violence aforementioned. This is definitely not the case of being cruel to be kind, and reference to God is indirectly mentioned in the way of laying out retribution.

The Passerines 'Shot That F***er Dead' is available to stream from your music platform, and be sure to give them a follow on their social media.

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