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‘Seasons Change’ - Caitlin Mae review

Having already reviewed Caitlin's previous song 'Fiona' (which debuted at number 1 in the singer/ songwriter iTunes Charts) it was a joy to have her and her management reach out for another review, this time for her song 'Seasons Change' being released 24th March 2023.

Caitlin explains that the song is about a lost friendship and the music reflects the youth and innocence of when the friendship blossomed, and then failed. As explored in the review of ‘Fiona’, Caitlin’s tone lends itself to this vulnerable style of song, allowing the listener a greater connection to her experiences. The title ‘Seasons Change’ was also inspired by the fact that that’s what makes life beautiful. Caitlin tells me

“Seasons Change” was born of the realization that nothing ever stays the same, sands shift, tides turn, and we have to experience the lows every once in a while to truly appreciate the highs. Growing up, I thought of my best friend as my platonic soulmate, my ride or die, but that was never meant to be my story. I think we were always destined to be but a chapter in each other’s lives from the start.”

The song, in my opinion is how nothing is for granted, life is fluid and 'Seasons Change'.

The track starts with light strumming, not dissimilar to that of a Taylor Swift or a Plain White T’s song, and then the lyrics start.

"Eight years old with the world in our hands

Ten years later and I’ve changed all my plans

You lit a fire in me with just one spark

Burns the same as before you broke my heart"

This verse depicts the shifting world and the plans we make as our younger selves, yet years later, for one reason or another our vision changes. It’s also interesting the use of fire and flames in so much as a spark of hope and promise can soon become an inferno that can be so pretty and that spark forges into a career, yet it can also engulf and consume your life where you’re fully dedicated to it and ultimately destroys your life.

We have the ability to change our life, but so too do others. 'You lit a fire in me' is clearly referencing someone or something dear, possibly a first love, and how despite experiencing heart break, trauma and other life events, the passion, the zest for life still shines as bright as before it all happened.

"Funny how seasons change

Thought I’d have a boyfriend and a dog with a clever name

Funny how I’m to blame 

When all I did was play by every rule in your stupid game

We were gonna live together

Then be neighbours with secret tunnels

We had it all mapped out

Ain’t so funny now"

Whilst picturing the life we want we lose sight of the life we have. 'Funny how I'm to blame' makes it personal and demonstrates a realisation that they are in control, and are not bound by 'every rule in your stupid game' because they have their own game to play, their own mini missions, and sub-worlds to explore (secret tunnels). It's like we're romanticising the naivety we have when young.

"I’m not sold on your I made a mistake

You made your bed of roses and betrayal

Now you’re telling stories of how I’m mad

But don’t forget the part where you hurt me real bad"

We have a choice to trust and believe, or not to. There are no doubt many times we've all experienced someone making a 'bed of roses and betrayal' and then gaslighting you, trying to convince you that you're mad, when you're not. You've just seen through the rose tinted glasses and they've exposed their true self to you.

"Still on speed dial

I’m in denial

I’ll forgive you

You don’t have to 

Say you’re sorry 

Just ignore me

We can’t have a happy ending

We can’t have a happy ending yeah"

The fact that we still have them on speed dial is only a testament to the love we gave them at one time. Yet we can let this eat away at us and come to believe that we're in denial, apologising for questioning them, rather than receiving an apology for how you've been treated. 'Just ignore me, we can't have a happy ending' suggests this verse is an inner monologue, trying to rationalise and process what's happened, but realising that bridge has been burnt.

"Seasons Change" is available to pre order from 10th February 2023, and will be released 24th March 2023. Caitlin is currently in Nashville and has a launch party scheduled to coincide with the songs release.

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