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Say hello to Ashley

Who am I? That’s a hard question to answer. I have changed a lot over the years. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, and child of God. I love to have a good time, but also like to stay home and chill. I enjoy spending time with family, and anything having to do with my dog. (haha) I am a pretty easy going person. My friends have said my motto is “its fine” and I guess I would agree. No sense worrying over the things you have no control overespecially when I know that God is in control.

Jay (Michael Jay ) and I met when we were both young through his dad. Funny story…. His parents are divorced and I used to babysit for his half-brother before I met him.

Like I said Jay and I met young and married young. It will be 24 years this July. I have never had an issue with trusting him so the crazy fans don’t really bother me. Don’t get me wrong its not necessarily fun to have people hitting on or talking to your husband but at the end of the day I know he is coming home with me. I joke with my friends when they get bothered by someone at a gig…I just laugh and say “they will bring him back” or “as long as they tip I don’t care”

Our typical days are very boring!!! We both work at home so he is in his office and I’m at my computer. We will yell back and forth funny stories or tik toks we see but that’s about it. I will usually cook something for us all to eat at night when Erin gets home and if he has no gig we will watch tv or something like that.

Depending on where his concert is we may or may not see each other. We have a daughter about to graduate high school so if he goes out of town I usually hang around the house with her. If his concert is in town the day isn’t much different. We will both work and get ready and go. I still don’t make it to all of his gigs depending on what my daughter has going on. She played soccer and cheered for her high school so a lot of times I had to be with her. She will be going off to college in August so the routine may change.

There are times of course when he is answering texts or making videos that I think its too much but he is doing what he loves and it makes him happy. He has always been a good husband and father. He took years off of playing so he wouldn’t miss Erin’s activities. He has really just started back playing the last 3-4 years. So in that respect I think its his time. Let him see where this can take him.

I have a couple of favorite songs. Some Old Dirt Road is probably my all time favorite. If you know him you know that this is his song, his heart. It was written about where he grew up and its just what he is all about. My favorite of his newer songs would have to be Keith Whitley Songs. I’m not really sure why besides that its just a good song. I love to sing along with it.

listen to the song here 👇🏼

We were both so young when we met and that was a long time ago so I don’t really remember but I would say the first time I heard him play and sing I knew he was talented. Nowhere near as good as he his today but I knew it was there.

I guess as far as music goes my biggest fear would be that Jay doesn’t get the recognition and career he deserves. I know I am biased but I think he deserves the world and I just don’t want him to feel like he couldn’t or didn’t accomplish his dreams. The music scene is a hard one to get into and an even harder one to stay in I know that. I just want him to be happy and feel like he has done what he wanted to do.

My biggest advice would be to sit back and enjoy the ride. Its going to be crazy, its going to make you crazy but its also gonna be a lot of fun. Be there for your man. Let him complain to you but also tell him when he is being to negative or overreacting. Us ladies have to be the voice of reason.

Michael Jay Hughes grew up on a farm outside of the small town of Goshen, Alabama, picking up his first guitar at age 13 and soon becoming a skilled country singer and songwriter. Now a devoted God-fearing husband and father.

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