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‘Pretty Lies’ by Sigrid Fossan review

Sigrid Fossan is a country artist from Numedal, Norway, where her roots are planted deep on the farm she grew up on. Her previous EP “My Country Soul” was placed on the official Spotify playlist “Nordic Folk” and she played on national radio, NRK P1 in Norway.

In her latest release “Pretty Lies” Sigrid sings about having a bad gut feeling about someone who seems false with their charming act and pretty lies, hence the title. Drawing inspiration from Maren Morris and Shania Twain, Sigrid delivers a sassy country song, especially highlighted in the chorus with such lyrics as “I don’t like you, and all your pretty lies” and “in the dark I scratched you from my phone book.”

The song is set for release 14th June 2024 and Sigrid explains:

"I wanted to write a song calling out someone I had a bad feeling about. That's how "Pretty Lies" was born. Follow your gut feeling because everyone doesn't deserve a spot in your life."

The song is produced by Kim Edward Bergseth, who also produced Norwegian Eurovision winner song "Fairytale" (Alexander Rybak). He has worked with Jace Everett, Steven van Zandt and several other big names. Sigrid and Kim wrote "Pretty Lies" together, and they were linked by fellow musician Jeff Wasserman, a prolific songwriter and folk artist from the US living in Norway. Tore Blestrud plays mandolin, steel guitar and dobro on "Pretty Lies".

“You're the loudest person in this room.

Putting on a charade wearing a costume.

Brilliantly fooling the ones who've never met you.

With a devil laugh and a charming act.”

The first verse supports the calling out theme that it intended, referencing how those who speak loudest and giving all the bravado often have nothing to substantiate this facade. Perhaps it “brilliantly” fools some, however others may know that by peeling back layers, this defensive technique is often deep rooted in their own personal trauma.

Musically, I really like how the beat echoes a sarcastic slow clap at their attempts of lies, dropping for the loudest person in the room giving them full exposure; much like light coming out of the darkness. It’s easy to see this will have the crowd clapping and stomping along.

“You're the one without an invitation

Showing up without an explanation.”

This lyric highlights perhaps the reason why someone isn’t liked that much; always turning up unannounced and uninvited, and inevitably imposing their opinion upon you. It’s unfortunate that society has more than it’s fair share of people wanting to put their neb in where it’s not wanted, often without thinking. This is only ever more present with the online and social media world too.

“I don't like you and all your pretty lies

I see the truth leaking through your smile

'Cause I don't like you and all your pretty lies

La la la la lies.”

The chorus shows how two faced people can be; either deliberately or unintentionally portraying a different side to who they are. It’s interesting how the smile is referenced rather than the eyes, but this suits the theme of the song. The “La la la la lies” is perhaps showing how dismissive we are to these lies. In this world of social media and life more broadly, mental health is becoming more focused, and yet if we’re constantly portraying someone that we’re not, then we start to lose our sense of identity. The chorus, and by extension the song, is a reminder to live life as authentically and genuinely as we can. The truth is the easiest road to follow.

“Oh, I bet you thought you got me hooked

But in the dark I scratched you from my phone book

I don't keep imposter angels in my sofa nook

Who's laughing now?

I might take a bow.”

Whilst love may be like a drug, making us “hooked” , we know that we have a choice. The wrong ones get erased from our contacts, from our lives. We’re consistently searching for what makes us happy and content, and anything that deviates us from this is removed, not even saved for our dark moments to rekindle, realising that they didn’t serve us then, how will they in the future?

“Ooh, ooh

I got your invitation

Ooh, ooh

And for your information”

The bridge to the chorus references “invitation” referencing the offer take up on the lies and the facade. The final line is somewhat sassy and wanting to put them straight, calling them out.

After the chorus, the calling out continues, (much like in the opening verse), citing being the loudest in the room, often associated with blowing hot air, and being the big bravado. Only this time the verse references “For your information, I ripped your costume off” perhaps suggestive of showing their true colours and removing all of their filters, yet also making them become exposed and vulnerable, showing not only their true self, but their purest self too.

The song concludes with the chorus repeating twice, further enhancing the discontent for liars and people who deceive us. In many ways it is repeated to remind us not to tolerate this behaviour from others, regardless of the setting or scenario. We all deserve the truth, as the truth will out in the end anyway.

“Pretty Lies” releases 14th June 2024 and will be available to download on your usual music platforms.

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