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“Other side of You” by Thomas Kavanagh

Oppdatert: 14. aug. 2022

‘Other Side Of You’ is the exciting next release from Thomas Kavanagh (co-written with Lauren Campbell online back on 25th November 2021). The track is available from 26th August 2022.

It’s Country Rock tone gives this song a very chilled relaxing vibe, yet a hint of heartbreak and yearning. In many ways it’s a progression from Tom’s previous release ‘Changing’ (check out my review of this song here:

Speaking with Lauren Campbell, she tells me how Tom brought the phrase ‘Other side of you’ and they both loved it (so do I). They then set about establishing what it meant and it ended up being a fairly quick writing process. Lauren details that

“For me, the song is about breaking down barriers and wanting to reach a side to someone that not everyone sees”

Knowing that it was written online amidst the pandemic, this could be interpreted as the struggle of isolation and loneliness (a side of us that not everyone wants to share).

Whilst for Tom, he details in a recent reel on his Instagram, the song’s about reflecting situations people are facing for the first time, meeting someone for the first time and how you feel you need to be with them.

Starting with a dialling tone and a message “Yo, if you get this message, I just want you back girl”. Throughout the song Tom delivers an angst filled vocal reflecting on someone once held dear (or are they still?).

The song recounts the first time seeing this mysterious woman by detailing seeing her face and how the sun shines on her auburn hair. He continues, detailing “Glasses steaming up from that winter air” is this really the winter air or just how hot and steamy things once were, or could be? Perhaps they’re steaming up from a cold hearted stare, one that has been broken somehow?

“I wish there was something I could do, to reach the other side of you. To be the hand you’re holding on forever.”

Knowing that the song was written online, it’s very clear that this is referring to video calling and wanting to see the other side of the screen, the other side of her personality. Talking with others online can never really convey the energy that is exchanged between two individuals.

“As time goes on I still feel the same, and I’m looking for the right words to change your name… I can picture it now, holding you so tight”

This lyric depicts deep love, so much so there’s even contemplation of marriage, and wishfully thinking about the future they’d have. The pandemic meant that all social contact was online, even virtual dating. To ensure it was as romantic as possible you’d find yourself in the kitchen, with a meal and some drink, sharing a date from the comfort of home.

“I hope you hear my call because I’ll always be there for you”

A clear reference to keeping in touch and remaining friends, and a reminder to reach out to others as there’s always another side to what’s being portrayed.

This is one of those songs which tap right to the core (certainly did me) and made me inwardly reflect.

Thank you Tom and Lauren! As I mentioned earlier, it’s a really great track and be sure to pre-save it before its release on August 26th.

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