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Norways Lisbeth Hauge with music video of her unreleased upcoming single

Oppdatert: 6. jan. 2022

Lisbeth has a wonderful habit of giving us gorgeous heart warm songs. And this one is no different.

I wrote this song going through a tough time, and the song is about how music can make a tough day feel a lot better.

The video is beautifully made by Tor Reidar Austrud, capturing Norways beautiful beaches at Lista, where the American festival takes place during summertimes. The barn was lended to her by some kind hearted locals, in true Norwegian country style. The beautiful little girl you see in the video, is Lisbeth’s daughter, Thea.

The single is produced by Vidar Dale, one of Norways best producers when it comes to country music. The backing vocals are from Nashvilles Mike Rogers, that’s also done background vocals for artists like Craig Morgan. (See full list of talented musicians contributing at the end)

The 34 year old has told Boots in a previous interview that she takes inspiration from artists like Miranda Lambert and Shania Twain, and since her dad is a real country fan she’s had her share of input with the good old classics like Merle, Cash and Emmylou Harris. She loves music that the listener can resonate with, she explains Boots.

Lisbeth Hauge is today one of Norways most up and coming country artists and has quickly become an artist to watch. After sharing her video on Facebook, it’s gained close to 1000 reactions in just 3 hours, and is shared over 120 times. The comment section is flooded with lines like “Hear people, this is Norways new country queen!”, “What a song!”, “Simply beautiful!” and so on.

Give Lisbeth a follow on Spotify and be notified when the song is out, January 7th.


Vocal: Lisbeth Hauge

Backing Vocals: Mike Rogers

Fiddle, Acoustic Guitar: Jason Roller

Guitar: Aaron Currie

Drums: Christian A. Seneger

Bass: Kristian Vågsnes

Piano: Kim Roger Larsen

Pedal Steel, Banjo: Vidar Dale

Producer: Vidar Dale

Mix/Master: Kenneth Sandåker

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