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New release! Arthur Stulien "She´s Mine"

Packed with delightful instruments and a groovy upbeat vibe, mixed with Arthurs slightly raspy vocals, this catchy tune makes it's almost easy to forget that we're in Norway, and not in red dirt Texas. Arthur has certainly found his vibe and style as an artist, making him (still?) a one-to-watch in European country music.

The brand new track had world premiere at Hooche Radio, one of Nashvilles stations. Clear to see, Arthur is making waves to the international music scene.

It will be exciting to see if this track reaches the same amount of streams as his hit song, "Play It Again". The single won Boots of Europes Country Single of the Year 2020, and is just about to hit 1.000.000 streams, which is totally insane for an independent Norwegian artist without any help from a major label. The song is still gaining traction across the world, and hit #2 on Italy's country iTunes Charts in may 2023.

Also, Back in may 2023 Arthur and Inger Lise Stulien released "I Don't Miss You", that quickly charted at #1 on the Norwegian country iTunes chart.

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