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My Whole Life in a Memory - Mikol Frachey - review

Mikol Frachey is a singer songwriter from Saint Vincent, Italy and releases her latest hit song 'My Whole Life in a Memory' on 14th October 2022.

Mikol's goal is to bring more country music in Europe and more Europe in country music. In 2017, she became the first Italian artist in the history to win an award for country music in the USA at Texas Sounds Inlt. CMA. After that, she gained over 15 nominations in international awards, including the recent ISSA for "Intl. Female Songwriter Of The Year".

Mikol informs me that the song is about selling her Grandparents house and seeing the new occupants for the first time visiting the house. During their visit, she made notes of memories from the garden of her childhood growing up.

The lyrics are really personal and nostalgic recounting how "You can start to smell the perfume of the smoke, out of the chimneys in the fall" Clearly a fond memory in the fall and winter months.

When change happens, it can affect us deeply, sometimes losing our sense of self, our identity.

"Now all my life goes too fast, Sometimes I lose who I am,

A part of me will always be buried in this backyard."

Mikol also then recounts stories she'd form in the back yard, from being a pirate on a ship, or a pilot in a plane; and also detailing the various fruit trees the garden possesses where most adventures would begin.

Mikol wishes she could return simpler times "I wish I could go back to those summer days, when happiness was fruit and a red old swing." But what we don't realise is that the fruit is symbolic of our memories, we can create them and they flourish, or over time they may become rotten or corrupted. The old red swing symbolic of time, the pendulum of life.

Mikol is a talented singer and songwriter, and has delivered a beautiful tribute to her childhood, one we can all share in our own way.

"She's got a sweet voice but don't let it fool you, she knows her way with it and serves a gritty, powerful sound right when you didn't expect it" - Boots Of Europe

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