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‘My Fathers Words’ - Lloyd Mcguigan review

Lloyd Mcguigan is a British Americana singer/ songwriter from the south coast of the UK. He takes a unique approach to writing Americana by adding a slice of Blues and a dash of Country mixed with smoky undertones of Classic Rock riffs.

"My Fathers Words" is the first single from his upcoming album and was written about and for his father who passed away when he was young.

The song starts with some great Country Rock riffs and is a beautiful introduction to the song setting out a nostalgic and grateful vibe.

"Whisper to the wind, howl upon a moon. Prey upon a shooting star and hope it reaches you. I'll keep looking up, signs up above. Show me where I'm going & things I'm dreaming of."

These lyrics vividly depict the sense of a lost loved one being constantly around us, to the whisper is the wind, howl upon the moon, or by looking up at shooting stars in the night sky. We never truly lose a loved one, they live on in our hearts, memories and our surroundings.

Mcguigan recounts in the song some wise words his father imparted to him.

"Son don't you cry, hold back those tears. Drink from the bottle and drown all your fears. Son don't you cry, hold back that pain. Don't go drowning yourself in that pouring rain."

Wise words, be it resulting from a broken friendship, or the loss of a loved one. It details the drive to the bottle in times of despair, but with that gentle reminder not to go drinking too much, because time will pass and it will feel easier.

"Listen to these words and then you'll really know me." is a prominent lyric because it's the voice of his father sharing his wisdom. Personally, words are fascinating. Some with double meaning, differing context, but all have the power to cause influence and evoke emotion.

"I’ll be free, I’m out on my own again

Pa won’t you show me which way to go again

Now that I’m out I’m all on my own

I’m just a young man with a life to live for"

This verse shows how much we rely on parents and loved ones for guidance, despite finding our own independence. They are the reassurance, the safety blanket that we need, (or think that we need). The lyric also describes that Peter Pan feeling of never quite growing up, in so much as we always feel young with a life to live for.

'My Fathers Words' is available to download and stream on all music platforms. Head over to his website to learn more about him, hear other songs and to find all his social media accounts. Follow him to find out exactly when he will be releasing his upcoming album.

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