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‘My Baby’s Got Wings’ by Nicola Harris review

Nicola's recent releases ('You', 'Perfect Kiss' and 'Toby Keith' ) have been a mix of both a passionate power ballad and high energy; however this song is perhaps one of Nicola's most personal and emotionally charged songs she's ever written. One sadly some will resonate with. Writing the song helped Nicola through her loss and also to find her love and passion for songwriting again.

This song has been written for a number of years after a personal loss. Nicola is releasing the song in line with Baby Loss Awareness Week 9th - 15th October, with it officially being released 11th October 2023.

"My baby's got wings

Never got the chance to hold you

Or tuck you in

Never got to brush you hair

Never got to tie your shoes

Or even kiss your knee if it got bruised."

The first verse captures the raw moments of realisation of the special treasured moments that we've been deprived of. The very first line portrays the direction and sets the tone of the song; a sombre one indeed. Even recounting the lost milestones you can hear the pain.

"My baby's got wings

I try to think of all the things You might have been

Might have been a ballerina

Might have sailed the seas

Or even been a model in a magazine."

The bridge details looking forward, however looking forward can never truly be the same when you've lost a child, a loved one. It regains your perspective on life. Whoever they were meant to be is confined to your heart and your mind. They live long in the memory and the soul.

"So won't you stop, this world from turning over

Please make it stop, cause I can barely breath

Why won't you stop, before I fall into the ocean

Maybe god can keep you safe

And brush your hair

Until my life on earth is done

Then I'lI be there."

The chorus sounds much like a plea, praying for this turn of events not to be true. Moments like this take all the wind out of your sails, and then find yourself grieving and 'fall into the ocean' of tears. The prayer of sorts continues detailing how someone else (God) shall now assume the responsibilities they once longed for, and how God is their guardian 'until my life on earth is done, then I'll be there.'

It is said that cells are exchanged between mother and baby so, there is still a part of them that will live on, they not only live on within your mind, but within you too.

Nicola also has an upcoming album launch night on 16th November 2023 at The Diamond, Sutton in Ashfield (see below) where she'll be supported by friend and fellow Country artist Mikki Evans. I highly recommend getting your tickets to see both of these diamonds perform at The Diamond.

'My Baby's Got Wings' is released 11th October 2023 and I hope you all feel the connection to the song, and if you've been affected by the story then I hope this song can help bring closure and peace to you and your family.

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