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Music tip: Dan Alley - Country Music For Sale

Many people ask ”what happened to country music?”. Boots answer is that country might have become a bigger genre, but if someone says real country ain’t coming from Nashville, they’re wrong. Here’s a little Dan Alley for you..Selling you country music.

Starting his music journey by 15, the boy and his family from Ohio toured with their ghospel/bluegrass band. By the age of 18 Dan played at bars each night. At the age of 21, Dan found himself in Nashville, with his first publishing deal. For three years, Alley played 250 dates a year, building his fan base. By the time he turned 24, he was signed to a label.

Dan has penned “Straight Up Sideways” for Lainey Wilson, togheter with Lainey herself and Friends With Boots Jason Nix.

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