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Meet Nikki, wife to one of Nashville’s hottest songwriters!

An early bird who loves her morning coffee together with her family and long walks with her golden retriever. A sweetheart who live her best life in Nashville. The couples love story is amazing and I couldn't stop smiling while I read about how two show tickets became to one.

(Written by Jenta)

Get to know singer/songwriter wife, Nikki Snyder, Rob Snyders wife, in this exclusive little interview.

Where and how did you meet?

Rob and I met while I was in college through my best friend about 12 years ago. He was in his mid-twenties at the time working full time for his dad and bartending on the weekends. We met and were friends for years!

How did the relationship start?

We had been friends for years and I always made an effort to see his shows when he came back to our hometown (he had moved to Nashville a few years after we initially met). I always brought the person I was dating and made it a night out. Well, when he was coming back to town in the summer of 2014, I got a ticket to his show and he reached out and said, “you always get two tickets, why just one this time?”. I replied that I was single, and the rest is history.

How are you dealing with the crazy fans?

Luckily, because he is on the songwriting side, he doesn’t do too many performances, so the “crazy fans” are far and few between. There have absolutely been instances where women will try to take things a step further, but we laugh about it, and he uses as a chance to brag to me. Our marriage is strong, and I never worry about things like that; we just laugh about it.

Tell me about a typical day together

We usually get up early, spend time with our daughter, and have our morning coffee together when time allows. Because his work schedule is busy right now and our daughter is in daycare, we do our best to make the time together the best it can be. That includes lots of laughs, music playing, walks with our Golden Retriever, and exploring Nashville.

Tell me about the day before a concert

When he does perform, its usually local or way out of town so it depends. If its local, it’s just another day. If it’s a flight away, there’s lots of planning and coordinating on his end to plan to be away for a few days. Sometimes he’ll ask for input on which songs to play and my daughter and I love when he practices for us.

Do you ever feel the music is taking too much time?

No. Sometimes his general workload is a lot. It’s not a job that you can ever walk away from at the end of a hard week so that makes it difficult. He must be tied to his phone a lot (it comes with the territory) so getting him to be “present” can be a challenge! We do our best to take a few weeks a year to get out of Nashville and get to the beach or Pennsylvania and completely unplug. These breaks get us through the hectic times.

Favourite song of his and why?

I really love “The Way That I Am” from his latest album. Rob has a unique story that involves a lot of loss that has led him to where he is today. That song captures the beauty of accepting where you have been and appreciating the heartache and hope that leads you to where you are today.

What was your first impression about your partner?

That he was kind and fun! He wears his heart on his sleeve and embraces exactly who he is.

Biggest fear of yours?

That my identity will only be Mom and Songwriter’s Wife. I find it challenging to carve out time for myself to explore, create, and expand my own horizons. I know I want a project/career of my own but haven’t figured that out quite yet.

What is your best advice to girls who have a man in music business?

Be patient, laugh off the unimportant things, and embrace the uniqueness of such an exciting life! Communication is everything.

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