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"Me & Patsy Kickin´Up Dust" a Book recommendation by Boots.

Good friendships have always interested me. I'm a firm believer in that "If you want to go fast, go alone, and if you want to go far, go together". There's something magical that happens when people believe in each other. Often people don't need a hall of hundreds of people having faith in them. It can be enough with just one.

Imagine coming into Nashville as a poor housewife and mom, with almost nothing but a dream of being able to live off music, then by chance, grow a strong and close relationship to one of the major acts in the industry. My favorite part of the story told in this book however, isn't how the two women of country music helped each other professionally in the industry, but how they supported each other as human beings.

Loretta and Patsy were both two moms, housewives, best friends AND singer/songwriters, in that order.

I won´t reveal every detail to the book, but Patsy was such a good hearted woman, maybe a little before her time too, teaching Loretta the things only a true best friend can.

I visited Loretta Lynns ranch in May 2023, where in addition to the house, the superstar kept a huge museum of artifacts from her life. A whole section is dedicated to her beloved Patsy Cline, and the artifacts discussed in the book are on display. You might wonder about the razor.. It's a gift from Patsy to Loretta. Patsy taught Loretta how to use it, and also encouraged her to start doing makeup, even though Lorettas husband didn't approve. Makeup is for sure an essential part of a country music star, isn't it? At least Patsy thought so.

However, one of Patsys gifts that Doo(Lorettas Husband) approved of, was this cute little outfit, meant for only a husbands eyes.

In the book you can also read about some famous panties, given from one woman to another.

A lot can be said about Loretta Lynns husband too, being the inspiration for many of Loretta Lynns hits, such as "Fist City" "The Pill", "Don't Come Home A-Drinkin(With Lovin' On Your Mind", You Ain't Woman Enough(To Take My Man)". The cheating, abusive, alcoholic husband, was also one of Lorettas biggest safety nets and security, as she refers to him herself. It's really unbelievable how she managed to stay in marriage to her husband, until his death. To me, that might be one of the biggest miracles country music has seen. It had to be love, of the unconditional kind.

This book is great for those that want to know more about Nashville and the music industry in "the good old days", or simply just love a tale of a magical friendship, that was life changing and served as a strong fundament for a woman's career. I Enjoyed every page of it, laughed and giggled, and eventually, cried my eyes out when their friendship had to come to an end in a tragical, catastrophic way.

I feel like I've come to know these two girls now, and I appreciate their music even more, knowing the stories and the "soul" of the songs. I'm in awe of what they managed to accomplish, not only in the industry, but as soul sisters encouraging each other in all aspects of life.

- Boots

Above: Home, Sweet Home. (Loretta and Mooney(Doo/Dolittle) Lynn's ranch Hurricane Mills.

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