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‘Love is Dead (An Ego is Born) by Lucy-May review

Lucy-May is a name to keep an eye on, she's such a talent and having played places such as C2C and the legendary Royal Albert Hall then there's only more to come. Lucy-May has recently moved to Nashville to persue her Country music and songwriting more.

Lucy-May was brought up on 60’s Motown and Pop music, her vocals are a blend of classic R&B with a modern country take. Her unique style and edgy, retro look puts her in a class all her own.

Continuously performing around the UK while also creating a buzz Stateside, she has opened for some incredible artists such as: Michael Bolton, Gabrielle, Robben Ford, Striking Matches, Kristian Bush (Sugarland), Larkin Poe, Ashley Monroe and James Walsh (Starsailor).

The song has a great bounce and bop vibe to it thanks to the snare of the drums, and guitar strumming and picking.

"Love is dead and an ego is born

You’ll never see where I’m coming from

Take a hard look at yourself

Love is dead and an ego is born

And you go on and on and on

Like the same old song

Goes on and on and on

Like you're never wrong."

The first verse seems to reflect the rebirth we encounter after a broken relationship. Detailing how counter perspectives never align, so we can never fully understand each other if we're not open to listening. The same thing will happen if we're not open to changing and listening, to improve ourselves and our future relationships and dating experiences.

"You manipulate everything that I say

Twist my words and bind them in chains

So set in your ways, you’ll never back down

Oh, now I’m the fool with tears of a clown."

Whether it's manipulation or misinterpretation, either way you feel as though your always in chains, can't do right for doing wrong. 'So set in your ways, you'll never back down' extends on my earlier point of needing to be open to change, open to listening. Dialogue, much like music may be supporting one tone, however there will be parts that juxtapose it, almost like hearing both accounts, both sides and perspectives.

"You keep on and on and on

You’re living for one

On and on and on

Your commitment ain’t strong."

If someone seems to be going 'on and on and on' perhaps you should question whether their comments are landing with you or whether you're brushing them off; if it's the former rather than the latter then clearly the full message isn't being received. The lyric also serves to remind us that commitment isn't something to be taken half-heartedly or at face value. Commitment and a strong, stable relationship of any kind is like that of a swan; looks effortless from the outside looking in, however underneath it all is a lot of work to make it work.

The song then repeats the chorus and the title of 'Love is Dead, an ego is born' serving as a reminder that after the fire of a broken relationship is the rising of our metaphorical phoenix-like egos.

"Gave you, all of myself

What we, had was so good

But ya, so quick to let it go

Gotta let it go."

This verse demonstrates committing fully however it may be unreciprocated; whilst also reminding us that we've 'Gotta let it go's.

Love is Dead (an ego is born) was released 29th September 2023 and is available to stream, download and buy from your usual music platforms.

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