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‘Little Maggie’ by James White & The Wild Fire review

Oppdatert: 17. aug. 2023

The song originates from 19th century Appalachia and is a true gem of traditional American folk music. 

You may remember I've reviewed their previous song 'Where I Used to Be' back in October 2022, and I'm pleased that James has reached out again for another review; this time for 'Little Maggie' which was released 3rd March 2023.

"Oh yonder stands Little Maggie, with a dram glass in her hands.

She's drinking away her troubles, she's a courting some other man."

This could come to represent ourselves, always courting the next opportunity, but so nervous that we've always a glass of drink in our hands. We shouldn't be crippled with fear for new opportunities, but should relish them, yet our body is hard wired to see it as a challenge, and one that it finds scary or daunting.

"Oh how can I ever stand it

Just to see them two blue eyes

A shining in the moonlight

Like two diamonds in the sky"

This verse I surmise is about facing that fear, and personifying our challenge. We must personify it so that we can give it the respect that it warrants. A twinkle in the eye of temptation, do we dare to dream, dare to achieve?

"Last time a saw little Maggie

She was sitting on the banks of the sea

With a forty-four around her

And a banjo on her knee"

Could this be that we're letting chances and opportunities pass us by and the sense of regret for passed chances? The forty-four whilst may be a piece of jewellery, perhaps it's a rule we have come to make for ourselves, or the price we're willing to sacrifice for it; or perhaps the number of missed opportunities that are haunting them? Perhaps 'Little Maggie' is a boat and this is the bounty for her and the banjo is to be played whilst going off into the sunset?

"Lay down your last gold dollar

Lay down your gold watch and chain

Little Maggie's gonna dance for daddy

Listen to that old banjo ring"

These words I envisage being about no longer working for the money, for the luxurious items, but for the love of it, for the passion it gives you. Much like when that bango rings.

"Pretty flowers were made for blooming

Pretty stars were made to shine

Pretty women were made for loving

Little Maggie was made for mine"

Personally this is showing us to be present in the moment and extract the detail from our surroundings. Be not consumed by material goods but of memories with lives ones.

'Little Maggie' is available from streaming platforms now. Be sure to check out the band on Spotify or other said platform and follow their social media for more great releases.

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