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Letter to the World - The Band McMillan review

The Band McMillan, (consisting of Lauren, Kathryn and Robert) best known for their social media presence as much as their music have recently added a new song to their collection of hits. Preceded by hits such as 'Somebody's Got To', 'Dear Miranda' and 'Jingle Bells'. 'Letter to the World' is an affectionate love letter to the planet with subtle references to modern issues.

The song's first line starts almost hypothetically asking "If I could write a letter to the world," Of course hypothetically as the world is not able to communicate in this way, however many will argue that the planet is communicating with us informing how under pressure it is. Evidence such as receding ice caps, rising sea levels and fewer green belt plains to name but a few.

"If I could write a letter to the world

I'd say I miss the way you used to be

And you got to let me know why in the world

Did you have to let me down so suddenly"

This lyric is clearly reflecting on how the planet used to be, before it became so vocal with actions such as severe storms, and intense heatwaves causing wildfires. It is oxymoronic to to suggest we've been let down suddenly as the debate surrounding climate change and global warming has been one of many years, decades. As for being let down, surely it is us letting the planet down and the prospects of the future generations that will follow. They will not be able to enjoy the luxuries we have treasured, be it the variety in species, or be able to admire vast terrainian landscapes.

"'Cause this world has been weighing down on me

I can feel the brokenness through all this misery

And this world has lost its harmony

Between disease and wars and things, there just ain't no more peace

I believe we can change it you and me."

It is evident that the impact upon this world is effecting us all. Whether through sanctions of activity, or increased cost to produce, goods and services. Describing the 'brokenness through all this misery' is emotive imagery, and then to say 'And this world has lost its harmony, between disease and wars and things, there just ain't no more peace' it's truly powerful. You can hear the desperation and despair in the lyric that much like us, the world is losing, if not lost it's spark, it's harmony.

"If I could write a letter to the world

I'd let her know that I'd do anything

To turn the light back on in this dark world

And help her get back up on her feet."

This is a display of affection we should be showing anyone. If someone's light is dim or nonexistent, allow them to see it can return, help them to reignite a spark inside of them. We are now, becoming more aware of how we can turn the worlds light back on, reducing emissions, and making more conscious decisions. When we have our light shining bright, there is hope. Hope that our dreams can be fulfilled. Hope that tomorrow is going to be a brighter day.

"You and I we're both the same

Been through the suffering and the pain

Now it's time we get down on our knees"

If ever we needed a reminder that we're all the same, we experience the same emotions as each other, just at different points in our journey. Reference to getting down on our knees suggests pleading and begging, perhaps pleading for the world leaders to move faster with their commitments to invoke change? Or perhaps it is suggesting that we are on bended knees as if we are committing (much like a proposal) to the world and it's sustainability?

The song finishes with optimism and the prospect that "I believe we can change it you and me. We can change it you and me"

'Letter To The World' is currently out and available to stream and download wherever you get your music.

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