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Katie Harrison - How You’ve Changed review

Following the release of her debut single Wrong Turns, Katie returns with How You’ve Changed, the first single from her upcoming EP. Recorded at Puzzle Maker Studios in Bristol with Danny McMahon and Drea Succi, Katie’s mantra is volume up, windows down, smoothing out the rough edges of day to day life by romanticising the present. It is intricate storytelling and country through and through.

As Katie prepares for the release of her latest hit ‘How You’ve Changed’ this Friday 16th September 2022, she has spoken to me about what this song is about. In her own words, it’s

“a really upbeat song about picking your head up and trying to do your best without letting the little things hold you back, remembering we only have one life and trying to romanticise it and make it the best it can possibly be!”

It’s really does have the jovial nature

“If you make aim and fight the urge to run, I know it’s easier said than done” certainly nods to riding the tough times out rather than running and escaping them. Sometimes, whilst it may look hard, what you don’t realise is that it’ll be the most rewarding in accomplishing whatever is holding you back. Our greatest barrier is not what we fear, it is our own self, thoughts and ability that can determine your trajectory.

“I’m giving it a go and going with the times

I’m never ever gonna waste being alive

Letting go of what I should’ve left behind so long ago

Way back when in the good old days

I know I’m guilty of using the phrase as they say”

This demonstrates being grateful and leaning into our own fears and embracing life, whatever form that takes. I like the reference to the expression “Way back when in the good old days” as it’s a saying I’ve been known to use. This again references being grateful for the present, whilst observing the past and literally “How You’ve Changed” in all manners, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It also depicts the measure of progress, as inevitably when saying someone or something has changed you’re drawing comparisons to a former version.

Ultimately, when we talk about “How You’ve Changed” as a concept, it usually relates to age as referenced in the lyrics:

“Grow up, it’s been said to me sit up and shut up

It’s the foolproof way you’ve gotta know it”

Personally, it also evokes feeling of nostalgia, but not of sorrow when reflecting on memories, but embracing and perhaps reliving them.

Be sure to pre-save here: and see for yourself just how powerful and liberating the song is.

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