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Jake Lindholm is the winner!

Oppdatert: 6. nov. 2021

The winner of the single of the month October is Sweden´s Jake Lindholm, with the upbeat modern country song Ride On. Boots had a talk with the winner; about himself, the song, his music style and future music plans. Take a listen while you read!

About the song

"Ride On" is a really cool, upbeat song, with loads of rhythm and drive. "The song is is built on metaphors", Jake explains. "It's actually a love song about a relationship. The western theme describes the relationship, other than saying it directly. The relationship is of the furious kind with lots of conflicts, but love keeps their relationship going despite of their disagreements. The vibe of the song is inspired by Aviciis Country/house."

The song is produced by Andreas Eriksson and Karl-Ola Kjellholm, and penned by Jake Lindholm, Andreas Eriksson and Raihana Estrada.

Jake is no stranger to international collaborations, and Raihana Estrada is an American singer/songwriter based in Nashville Tennesse. Jake tells Boots he writes almost all his songs with American writers. The songwriters in Nashville are often very good at writing songs, he admits.

Jake Lindholms music

Jake started off his solo project in 2018, by releasing his song "Already Gone". Before going solo he played in different bands, like The Northern Cowboy.

I Try to write country, but in the same time mix in elements from folk and Swedish Pop. The result turns into something I've decided to call European Country. My music is based on country music, though isn't exactly what people think of when they think of traditional American country music.

About future music projects Jake tells Boots he will release a few more singles. He hopes to return back to Nashville to write an EP or an album.

Stay tuned!

Remember to follow Jake on social media and on Spotify! (Links to social media in Spotify bio)

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