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If It Ain’t Hurting - Wild As Her - review

Wild As Her consist of Caroline von Brünken and Chris Kaufmann and the song, 'If It Ain't Hurting' was formed after having one backing track left from helping a young artist with their album. The following day the track was written. It's written about letting go, especially when you realise you're not on the same page and your collective goals differ. It's about that feeling of change, even if others are going to get hurt because of it.

Considering the song is based on 'letting go' of a relationship, or a once significant person in your life then the music is relatively upbeat, with a hint of nostalgic tones with the choral introduction.

"Maybe a part of me's broken,

Maybe because of these scars,

What I hear is I'm supposed to be chokin',

On the pain when you're breaking my heart."

This lyric demonstrates how the emotions felt, the fact that when you once felt whole with your love, you're now broken by them, almost like a perfect oxymoron. It also demonstrates negative behaviour following breakups. When a relationship doesn't work, for one reason or another and not to wish someone bad by choking on the fact you can be happy without them, something that is addressed later in the song.

"If it ain't hurtin'- it ain't true love,

If it ain't burnin'- it's just a buzz,

Now I'm asking myself,

What if all that I felt - was never just enough."

The real truth of being in a relationship is that when you've reached that point to go your separate ways, you can tell if it was something good based on how much it hurts. The lyric also looks at our feelings in ourselves, particularly of whether we're enough. We should all know our worth and not need a partner to validate or substantiate this. A true partner will help you add value to yourself.

"It took me quite some time, Just to realise, Behind all those fights and cigarettes, We got lost in a bittersweet try."

We often get lost in trying to sustain and fix a failing relationship, through conflicts and coping mechanisms, which can only serve to draw out the inevitable.

"And now we are hanging by a thread. You said I was the best you’ve ever had But I don’t feel like you do. No I never meant to be so rude I just wish that I knew."

The lyric progresses through the letting go process and story to the point of acknowledging communication is vital. Understanding each others feelings and being mature enough to share your own emotions can help nurture a relationship.

Wild As Her will also be releasing a Christmas song 6 December so keep an eye out for that. 'If It Ain't Hurting' is currently out now and available on all platforms. Make sure you follow them on Instagram at:

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