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‘I’m Sorry’ by Nicola Harris review

Nicola has previously released songs such as ‘You’, ‘Toby Keith’ and ‘My Baby’s Got Wings’ all exceptional in their own way, and I’m pleased to say this new release is no different, becoming available 24 November 2023.

Much like her song ‘You’ Nicola tells me that this song is written for when you want to say ‘I’m Sorry’ without uttering the words.

“It’s just a sad soul sinking feeling, that creeps inside of me. One look at you, with sadness on your face.”

This lyric sets up the feeling of the song, offering the intention of an apology, and how we feel when we need to apologise. Sometimes just the look of them makes us feel worse as we come to terms with what we’ve done wrong.

“Don’t look away, please won’t you stay until the night is through.

Please make me pay some other way, I’m sorry.”

The lyrics in this verse are reflective of facing up to your misdemeanours and the consequences of your actions, or lack of. Reference to ‘making me pay some other way’ could have multiple perspectives; one being that you don’t want to say sorry but you’d do anything to show you’re sorry as actions speak louder than words. Conversely, there is perhaps a somewhat naughty and seductive tone to this lyric, not least to how the phrase is sung, and how it lingers melodically. Couple this lyric with the previous one of staying the night and the picture paints itself.

“I’ll change this time I promise. I won’t hurt you again.

Can’t bear my life without you. To lose you I would die

You know that I’m sorry, baby I’m sorry.”

The chorus chimes out filled with remorse, and promise of reform. It portrays the support and strength provided by the party being apologised to, detailing how ‘to lose you I would die’. The lyric also touches on how deep the relationship goes as we're led to believe because they're supposed to 'know that I'm sorry'.

“They say that time can be a healer, well I pray to God that’s true. Can’t bear the thought of losing you for good.”

It may be such a cliche, however it is true; with time, things will and do become easier. It may feel 'Strange' waiting for that apology, or the 'Perfect Kiss' but 'You' will experience that 'Love Thing' when it's right and not when 'This Diamond Ring Ain't Love'. You don't want to lose them for good, you just want them to 'Notice Me' and my feelings as much as recognising theirs.

“We’ve got all night, I’ll make it right, before the morning comes. Please take my hand, please understand I’m sorry.”

This lyric sets a somewhat saucy and racy scene, perhaps eluding to how they can prove that they're sorry; however in reality sometimes it's a case of being up all night having somewhat of a couples therapy session, a heart to heart. Taking the hand, suggests that there is an acceptance to the apology, and to some level reassurance, yet taking the former suggestion, it could be leading to the apology.

“I’ll change this time I promise. I won’t hurt you again.

Can’t bear my life without you. To lose you I would die

You know that I’m sorry, baby I’m sorry.”

Returning back to the chorus, this lyric really shows the pleading, wanting to convey their apologetic intention, and how much they mean to them, or perhaps this is exaggerated just to feel less guilty and have the apology accepted.

The song then repeats the bridge and the chorus to emphasise the apology, proving that the song can be played when you can't bring yourself to utter an apology but feel remorseful for your actions.

'I'm Sorry' was released 24 November 2023 and is perfect to play after a disagreement or argument with a loved one; clearly portraying your remorse and your apology.

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