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‘I’ll Always Be Your Man’ by Kenan Flannery review

Dublin-based folk musician Kenan Flannery has released his latest single 'I'll Always Be Your Man', the first release of his upcoming EP 'Travelling Hearts'.

The song celebrates the day-to-day things when you're in love, and are inspired by a love of John Prine's work. With its gentle strumming and harmonica the song paints a very romantic picture, almost as if it's meant to be serenaded to a loved one, or indeed destined for a soundtrack to a romantic film.

"Have your coffee in the morning.

Sit down for your lunch around three.

In the evening watch whatever movie.

That you've been dying to see"

Having a morning beverage isn't necessarily synonymous with being with a loved one, but more of being with yourself. Yet being with that special someone can make your feeling, and day so much brighter. Much like our morning drink, love can be found in all different blends. The verse documents occasions where we'd spend time with our loved one, however these scenarios also translate to self-love.

"Go out dancing till the break of light

Sing as loud as you can

I will always be your man"

Dancing, just like singing, captures the essence of human emotion. Being out until 'the break of light' is a spiritual reference, but also a reference working at something and then you'll have the lightbulb moment of clarity realising a clearer vision of what you want. The reference to singing in this lyric is a well referenced expression when we are in love (shouting from the rooftops mixed with serenading).

"The sky does be a dancing

And the ocean dances along

Remember when your dancing

You never dance alone."

A great use of personification and yet the sky can appear to dance, with clouds swirling and waltzing in the wind. The ocean carries its own rhythm, like the rumba of the rolling waves. We indeed never dance alone, if not with a partner then with our shadow, dancing to our own tune in life.

"The twinkle in your eye

Sends a shiver to my heart

I've loved you from the start"

The twinkle and spark, the look of love, does indeed send a shiver to the heart; much like that of the arrow Cupid strikes. "Loved you from the start" a variation of the more common 'love at first sight' quote.

"Your car it can break down

When it's needed the most

You can feel sad and lonely

When the coldest winds do blow"

The car is perhaps a metaphor for our ability to love. We always need love, it comes in various degrees, love of friendship, love of companionship, a relationship, an infatuation. One things for sure when we lose it, we feel sad and lonely, and perhaps even a little lost.

"Love is all I can give

And give to you I will

Love you, yes I will"

This echoes the previous point of always having love, always being caring; for others as well as yourself. Love is transactional yet unconditional.

Kenan's song 'I'll Always Be Your Man' is available to stream now on all music platforms. Go and follow his social media for more.

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