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I Don’t Want To Go To Heaven

This song by Nate Smith is such a powerful and emotive song, notwithstanding the versions with the Choir or with Tenille Townes.

If you’ve heard it, it’s a beautifully crafted love song. But what if the subject of love changed from another to that of yourself? Nowadays there is a lot of preaching about self-love, but really that is the only happiness you need, until you find that special someone who takes you to the next level. Self-love is the foundation in the house/ property of life. We may be the bricks and mortar, but we’re nothing without our foundations.

Anyway, back to this incredible song.

There’s mention of ‘Grandma’s cross around your neck’ now this can be meant in relation to connecting to your spirituality, a keepsake you wear to remind you of a loved one. ‘Sunrise glowing through the blinds in the window’ is to remind us that each sunrise signals a new day, a clean slate, but also evokes the image of the sunset and its beauty, ‘why would I ever wanna leave?’ when there is so much beauty in the world, in each day, in each other.

‘When Heaven’s right here next to me’ could relate to your shadow, and the inner self we carry round with us even if we feel we’ve lost what that is. ‘I count every kiss and every blessing’ could relate back to the sunrise and being sun kissed and being grateful and blessed to be present, even when things may be hard sometimes, or perhaps the kiss is the sun welcoming a new day of blessings as no one day is guaranteed.

‘Old dirt road was paved in gold’ is a nod to life, sometimes we deviate from the road well travelled, but they give us the best lessons. ‘The pearly gates are our front porch’ could represent how close we all are to our mortality, or simply that our smile (pearly gates) is the first thing people see, but you never know what‘s inside the house. ‘Even if the good Lord don’t let me in, I got a glimpse of what it could’ve been’ could then relate to getting a glimpse of the true reality of the situation

So next time you see your shadow, or your reflection, remember to give yourself a little more love, a little more appreciation, because you’re stronger than you give yourself credit for. You are worthy, you are loved. Your Heaven is always with you, you carry it like like Peace within your heart.

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