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‘Homecoming’ by Lloyd McGuigan review

Oppdatert: 17. aug. 2023

Following from his previous song 'My Fathers Words' Lloyd brings us 'Homecoming', a real blend of Americana and Country with acoustic guitar, lap steel and a harmonica. This creates a real stripped back authentic and moving song with raw emotion.

'Homecoming' tells the story of returning home to a loved one after being away from them for many years.

Not only is Lloyd releasing 'Homecoming' on all major streaming platforms on 20th April 2023; but he is also embarking on a Spring & Summer tour called "Wheels Up". Follow his social media or head to his website for more details and announcements.

"War Torn eyes, blood stained jeans, let's cut em up like my memory’s The smoke is cleared into the light, dust is cleared on a southern sky We got cracks in the road with signs on the side. Tell me head west down the 305"

"War torn eyes" suggests that we've seen and experienced a lot, an not necessarily positive. This is also enhanced by the imagery of "blood stained jeans" however "cut em up like my memory's" means that there are some memories we don't want to remember. References to smoke clearing and dust clearing in the sky is suggesting gaining clarity of vision. The "cracks in the road" symbolic of life never going smoothly, the "signs on the side" being the lessons we learn along the way but seldom pay attention to.

"Don't wait up cause I'Il be home

Leaving in the morning and l'm home by dawn

Don't wait up, cause I'll be home

Leaving in the morning and I'm home by dawn"

The chorus charts the reassurance we offer our loved ones when we are away from home. Essentially saying there's no need to stay up and wait for my return because I'll be there before then. Setting out the plan to leave "in the morning" and be "home by dawn".

“Up in arms, we've raised some hell, some will say that time will tell

If this love was meant to be or maybe I should just set you free

I've been away for so damn long, it’s finally time that I wrote you this song.”

Perhaps signifying some of the questionable decisions we have made in life, is perfectly captured in the “Up in arms … time will tell” lyric. The following lyric detailing a battle of love and kindness. As the character has been away for a while, they’re giving the partner the choice to stay, accepting that that may be distant at times, possibly recalling for work; or allowing them to leave in order for them to be “free” and happy. Clearly acknowledging they’ve been away for sometime, offering to write a song is just as personal as writing a love letter, if not more so. More time because you’re finding the right rhythm and tone that emulates the love that you share.

Music is not dissimilar to love; it’s about combining two (or more) things to form a partnership. A partnership that can go procreate new ideas and evoke imagination.

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