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‘Hold My Beer’ by Backwood Music review

Backwood Music are a band founded in Eastern Switzerland in 2011 by Marco Monn (vocals) and Urs Kaufmann (drums). The band is completed with bass provided by Nathy Niederhäuser, Andrea Liebschwager (rhythm guitar) and Dimitris Gozgos (lead guitar).

Their style of Country is more rock-like which is deeply rooted within the band. They started off like many bands by doing covers, drawing inspiration and influences from the likes of Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, Alan Jackson, Jon Pardi and Jake Owen; however now feel comfortable releasing their own original music.

Marco tells me that the song is all about good times with friends and the antics you get up to having never done them before.

"It is a song about good times with friends, about doing crazy things and things you've never done before. It could be that you just want to do it or it's a challenge from a friend. Enjoying the summer and all friends and just have fun."

Marco continues that Switzerland doesn't permit the redneck lifestyle, and you have to be careful where you are and what you're doing as there are lots of people and police around. This contrasts with the USA, so Marco tells me all the things he can't do in his home country, he does with his friends in the USA.

"I meet my friends down in Tennessee.

We got a lot to do we got a lot to see

He drives by and picks me up

In his old, rusty Chevy Truck."

If the pandemic has shown us anything, it's that meeting of friends and family shows a unity that we hold dear. Reference to lots to see and do, could be documenting the lives that lay ahead of them and what they need to do to achieve those goals. The verse provides great imagery detailing the 'old, rusty Chevy Truck', one that could easily be used for a friends road trip. Perhaps the Chevy truck is a metaphor for us as a vessel, and the pick up truck a description for the ability to carry a lot (emotions and memories).

"We’re cruising down a backroad Switching into redneck mode."

The bridge details'Cruising down the backroad' could portray how life has been bumpy so far, and that's how we learn many life lessons. Whilst reference to 'redneck mode' may be seen as derogatory, in this instance I think it's referring to the root of true Country, believed to be relating to the farmers of Southern United States.

"I’ve never been skinny dipping day or night I’ve never been in the middle of a bar fight

I never rode a mattress on the back of an ATV

I’ve never been, I’ve never been

Hold my beer!

Ooh ooh ... Hold my beer!"

The chorus highlights the many dares and experiences one might experience whilst out with friends. From 'skinny dipping' to being in a bar fight these are activities that could be completed sober or intoxicated, and I suspect from the title of the song, it may be the latter. Of course safety must always remain paramount, not causing injury or harm to yourself or others.

"We stop to load up on gas and beer

The city life in the mirror slowly disappears He’s rounded up all his good ol’ friends Down at the place where the pavement ends."

A timely reminder that we need to keep fuelled up, whether that's 'gas and beer' or hydration and positivity we all need to make sure that our needs are served. Reference to the 'city life in the mirror slowly disappears' perhaps shows the journey in finding ourselves, taking time out and away from the hussle and bussel of the city to enjoy the solitude of the country. Whilst reference to 'pavement' suggests moving away from conformity, and offer a more free reign ideology.

The song then returns to the bridge and chorus before breaking into a guitar solo and closing out with the chorus once again.

'Hold My Beer' was released 4th August 2023 and is available to streaming and downloading from you usual music platforms.

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