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‘Healing In The Burn’ by Sophie Rose review

Sophie Rose is born and raised in Bristol, and is an old soul poet with a West Country twang. Her debut single 'Healing In The Burn' was released 9th September 2022 and hit the number 1 spot in the iTunes UK Country Music chart, and her EP 'To The Core' will continue to set the tone of healing and perseverance.

"To describe what Healing in the Burn means to me in a nutshell, it's an arrival in a point of healing that completed a cycle. Fully cementing the idea that everything we go through in life, the future holds a gift that can help that struggle make sense, so long as we're looking for it, and staying on a healing path."

Sophie co-wrote the song with Danny McMahon, their first together (and hopefully of many). The song is like a bookmark, charting the end of an era and the start of a new chapter in her life. She tells me how it's 'a breakthrough moment in my healing, and stepping into the world of country, after telling myself for a long time that 'I wasn't allowed' to be in it! Healing in the Burn has kicked that door down for me.'

"I believe in angels

I believe in what I see in all that’s good

And what I see in strangers

Arranges into melodies and our hearts beat in circles."

The first verse gives off a religious and spiritual vibe with talk of 'angels' and beliefs. 'What I see in strangers' could reference their kindness, or the way that we connect with each other, linking in with 'melodies and our hearts beat in circles'. The circle here depicting the circle of life and how our lives intertwine.

"What goes around

Will find its way around

What goes down

Is gonna rise up again."

The bridge clearly depicts karma, suggesting what we give out will come back to us one way or another, embellishing the spiritual and religious connotation. The second part of the lyric is somewhat motivational, and portrays images of a phoenix. It further enhances the meaning of the title, 'Healing in the Burn' where we do our greatest healing in our deepest pain.

"Tables turning it’s all cause and effect

If you fall now you’ll climb higher again

Then you’ll figure out

You fail and you learn

And if you pause a moment you can start again

Every straight road is followed by a bend

Then you’ll figure out

You fail and you learn

There’s always healing in the burn."

The chorus details how fragile and delicate life is and how tables turn based on decisions and actions. It offers a philosophical perspective and how you may be experiencing a troubling time now, but you’ll come back stronger, and from that you’ll realise it’s all part of your plan, your journey, your life. It repeats a prominent and important message to understand ‘you fail and you learn’ whilst also acknowledging there are bends in our roads through life, it’s never really straight forward. Relating back to the religious ideology, ‘Healing in the Burn’ could also be perceived as referencing hell, and how we have to hit rock bottom before we can overcome the climb back.

"Thought I was caught in darkness.

I let someone else’s words rewrite me.

Called to a higher purpose.

Got taught to pay it forward and now I see."

Sometimes we feel that we are 'caught in darkness' lost, misguided with no idea how to shift from the darkness and move on; but we should articulate ourselves and not allow 'someone else's words rewrite me'. Religion is referenced again 'called to a higher purpose' and is how many can find solitude and peace with themselves. Through understanding yourself, you can then see the benefit of paying it (kindness and love) forward.

The song then returns to the bridge and chorus, reminding us of the strong messages they hold.

"I remember that night

I was tangled up in thorns.

On that cold street corner

Like a child reborn

And I knew in that moment

When someone I’d never met

Reached out a hand

So I never would forget

To always pay it forward

And now I wish you nothing but joy."

This verse demonstrates how we may have flashbacks, or remember the struggles. The 'thorns' are perhaps symbolic of all the things that snag our lives. Sometimes the thorns will get caught and rip clothing or flesh, whilst other times out limbs may become impaled by them, neither are pretty, however it's the lessons they hold and how we deal with and cope from this that builds us. Being 'tangled up in thorns' also portrays another biblical reference by means of being a sacrificial lamb and inflicting torture upon ourselves. If you've ever been in a dark place, you'll be all too familiar with, having constantly gone over everything several times over. Reference to rebirth further extends this reference, much like when Jesus was crucified. The verse also details about strangers reaching out a hand, (Good Samaritan) to offer help in your time of need; this is appreciated so much that you use this moment to never forget to pay it forward. Someone will be experiencing the same or similar, and sometimes all it takes is a little bit of human kindness and the world can seem a much brighter place. Even the smallest hand can provide the greatest gift.

The song once again plays out the chorus to further re-enhance the messages from within of not giving up and trusting that there will be good days that follow the bad.

'Healing In The Burn' was released 9th September 2022 and is available to stream and download from your music platforms.

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