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Haury up! This album is something you ain't gonna get enough of!

Oppdatert: 3. feb. 2022

Styles Haury came to Boots attention releasing some really catchy songs called "Country Up" and "F150" in 2019. A Little later(2020), he released a song cowritten by Luke Combs, "Airplane Mode", and again he touched Boots radar. Styles knows his party, beer drinking, truck songs. He's great at them! But his recent album is so much more than just beers and trucks and fun. It embraces life in a brilliant way.

Above; Our parents might be annoyingly right, and figuring that out is a part of becoming an adult. The artist father sold his Corvette in order for giving his son the best possibilities to achieve a career in music. Read about it at People Magazine.

The album is called "One Life Ain't Enough", and with this album Haury(27) reflects upon his own life lessons. Still true to his artistry; leaving the listeners with a great feeling and high energy, he brings the listener through milestones in life; growing up, falling in love, heartache, becoming a dad, respecting his parents, hard work, the painful sides of losing someone close, and what really makes a home.

Boots asked him what songs of his album that's his favorite;

"That's a tough one. Honestly over the past two years we have written a lot of songs. These were the ones that really represented milestones through my journey so far."

Styles Haury to Boots.

(Skip the review and head straight to his Spotify here.)

A few of Boots picks

Turns out, picking a few favorites from this album was a hard job for Boots too. And the more you listen to the 14 track album, the more you realize that this album is really well put together, with a fine line going through it all, making it a full experience playing it track by track.

The opening track; "One Life Ain't Enough" sets the statement for this album, - Life is amazing and rich on experiences of all kinds. And since this whole album is about the artists milestones, it sort of gives you a hint on what's coming. An upbeat song, full of energy and joy.

The next track, "Country Kids Do", comes with an awesome animated music video. Haury is reflecting upon childhood memories, and if you’re not raised as a country kid, you sure wish you were, after listening to this track.

"Hometown Heartbreak" is Boots favorite off the album. The chorus is really catchy, and the song has such an amazing vibe to it.

Nothing hits home like a hometown heartbreak, nothing’s more gone than a love that won’t stay. Can’t close the book, can’t turn the page, cause every where you turn is a memory lane. Nothing cuts deeper than a missing her song, nothing’s more lonely than sleeping alone. You hold your beer high and you say you’re ok, but nothing hits home like a hometown heartbreak.

Family Styles has five songs about family and family relations; “A Man That Didn’t Know Nothin’”, dedicated to the artists father, “Mom” obviously dedicated to his mom and all mothers in the world, and “When A Father is Born”, reflecting the artists thoughts about becoming a father and the changes that brings to a man. He also got a song for himself; “Man I Was Today”, is an inspiring song, where the topic is self-insight, and the will of becoming a better person each day.

With the song “Save One For Me”, Haury honors the loss of his grandfather in a hopeful way. It’s a feel-good, heart breaking song, that won't leave you depressed.

To wrap it all up, Haury ends the album with a song dedicated to his love. If you believe that home is where the heart is, this song is for you.

Final thoughts

This is an extremely good album. Styles Haury has a strong and unique voice, the songs are heartwarming and real. The album makes you see life as a journey; an exciting journey where every second is something to be grateful for and meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. Boots would not be surprised to see Styles Haury headlining major festivals in the near future, as this guy is meant to set a mark on country music.

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