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‘Good For A Girl’ by Eleri Angharad - review

Building on her success from her earlier releases, (Snake Like You & Big For Your Boots) Eleri has brought a strong, female empowering anthem that was released 25th May 2023.

"The track is a call out against the sexism myself and countless others have experienced in the music industry and everyday life. The lyrics are packed full of honest experiences and is equalled by a thumping, catchy, chorus that hammers the message home."

Eleri has teamed up with some incredible women, meaning an all-star female team were called into action for every part of this song. Eleri is co-starred by Eädyth (one of Wales' hottest artists); Kaity Rae produced the track (previous worked with The Shires, Jess Thristan and Ben Keeping). Long term songwriters Nina Sundstrom (The Script, Hannah Grace) and Rachel Walker-Mason (The Pippini Sisters) helped pen the track, whilst Rebel Jones was the artwork designer.

"You think I’m a token  

So you play me like an arcade, arcade  

Boy you better be joking  

We’re not living in the dark age, dark age."

The song starts depicting how historically women have been perceived as a 'token' and could be played 'like an arcade'. Yet promptly reminded how times have changed 'We're not living in the dark age,'

"Cause I’m shredding this guitar  

And I’m singing out my heart  

And the only thing you gotta say"

Whilst some things may be hard to say, and hard to perceive in ordinary dialogue, 'shredding this guitar' and 'singing out my heart'is a perfect way to articulate ourselves and get our message heard.


Pretty good for a girl  

Pretty good for a woman  

Pretty good but I think you could do better  

Just wear a tighter sweater  

And get a guy to give you a hand  

Pretty good for a girl  

Pretty good for a woman  

Pretty good but I’ll never be the best  

Cause you pay me no respect  

Did you think it was a compliment?  

Pretty good for a girl"

The chorus details all the derogatory comments received by women such as 'Pretty good for a girl, Pretty good for a woman' suggesting that women are somehow inferior or not capable of anything besides being eye candy by wearing 'a tight sweater'. The lyrics also reference the lack of respect paid to women, but when we look to history, who kept the Countries going whilst at war... women. They ensured that the economy of its Country never stopped. Clearly not as incompetent as the previous remarks suggest!

"Take a look at the lineup

Let me tell you boy it's criminal, criminal.

Several average white guys

But there's no women at all, women at all."

This lyric can still be very much reflected today in various settings, although it must be said, the dynamics are constantly changing to be more reflective of society, be it through gender, race or sexual orientation.

"Cause I'm whiny or a witch

Don't have so many hits

I might be too emotional'

Being 'whiny or a witch' can point to how comments are perceived by another party, yet deep down we know that they're right. The song returns to the chorus followed by references to women's speech.

"I'm the voice not the echo

I'm not gonna let go

Don't question the money I make."

This lyric symbolises that women have a voice of their own, very reminiscent of the Suffragettes, no longer confined to be the echo of their husband. 'Don't question the money I make' is perhaps reference to the equality of pay for jobs and services conducted by women.

The song then concludes by having the chorus repeated.

'Good For A Girl' was released 25th May 2023 and is available to stream and download. Check out Eleri's social media for where you can see her performing this Summer, be sure to get your tickets!

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