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G. Thomas ft. The Bellamy Brothers; The first single of the 24 track jubilee album is out!

A week away from his jubilee album release, G.Thomas releases a single and video from his upcoming album; G.Thomas and friends. First one out is the song “Living West” featuring The Bellamy Brothers.

G.Thomas is one of Norways very own classics outlaw country artists with a legend status. He just celebrated his 40 years anniversary with country music. Over those years he has sold 100.000 records and shared the stage, opened or done projects with artists like Bobby Bare, Waylon Jennings, Tanya Tucker, Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris, The Highwaymen, Charley Pride, Mark Chessnut and more.

The song and video is a tribute to the old western living. The enchanting video takes you back to the time of cartwheels and barrels and the old western cities, telling you the story of the famous gun fighters.

The Bellamy Brothers was supposed to tour in Norway in 2022, but the tour is postponed until next year. The brothers started their journey in 1968 and got the first big success with the album “Let Your Love Flow”, that reached number one on billboard. In 2011 they even reached one of Norways top music lists, the VG-list.

The whole album is set to release January the 14th. G.Thomas will be in live radio studio with Tore Haaland(Norwegian country Radio Host), with guest from Norway and abroad. Tune in here!

There is no doubt that G.Thomas heart beats for country music, and Europe is proud of having him in our artistry!
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