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European Country Artist of The Week: Robin Winther!

In this series we´re presenting some of Europes finest country musicians. First one up answering our questions is Swedens Robin Winther. The full time musician even got some news to share with us, coming right around the corner.

1. Basic: Who are you? Where do you come from?

My name is Robin Winther and I'm from Uppsala, Sweden. Close to Stockholm. I'm 32 years old and work full time with music as an artist and music producer with a studio in Stockholm.

2. When did you start music? And country music? What kickstarted your love for country?

I started playing the trombone in an orchestra as a kid when I was 8. But after some years I started to play guitar and got interested in music production. I’ve been working with music full time for about 10 years. I’ve had my love for country music since I was a kid listening to my dad singing and playing for me. I took the step to start my own country career after an inspirational trip to Nashville in late 2019. A trip where I was caught by the heart and warmth of the country scene. I got home and wrote my debut single “Lone Country Nights” and the rest is history.

3. What song of yours is the one reflecting you as an artists the most?

It’s probably gonna be my debut single ”Lone Country Nights”. I love how it has that “all in” approach, uptempo with a catchy chorus and blasting solos. I like to have a story in the lyrics and the production to have the sound of a full band playing together.

4. What kind of milestones would you say are the most important for you and your career now?

That my music already made it to radio stations all around the world, and that shows keep coming in and I get to go out and play and meet new people that enjoy my music. It makes me really happy to be able to work with my passion.

5. How would you say the country music scene is in your country?

It’s definitely growing. We get more and more country music on prime time television and there are new country radio stations popping up. The country music community in Sweden is growing as well. We all help each other out and you want your friends to succeed. I always get a good response when telling people I do country music.

6. What country artist is your favorite?

I do like a lot of 90s country. Brad Paisley and Alan Jackson are two favorites. But I'm also a big fan of George Strait and Luke Combs.

7. What other than music do you like to do on your free time?

I’ve got a small farm outside of Stockholm. No cattle, just a dog. I love building stuff, I built two houses there. I love having many projects and to mess around with motors and cars in the garage.

8. Do you have any news to share with us?

Yeah, I got a new single coming up on the 6th of May called ”County Line”. It’s a bit more modern country than my previous songs. I hope y’all are gonna like it!

Our partners Outside The Circle Podcast have done a full interview with Robin. Take a listen here!

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