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European Country Artist of The Week: Erika Jonsson!

Her song about her home county, "Värmland" went viral on Facebook in 2014, and it has gained close to 9 million Spotify streams since then. The song portraits everything we can think of when it comes to country living; the longing for the country side, mom, whiskey that heal tooth aches, and not taking stuff so serious. Erika is, through and through, a real country artist from Sweden, with a wonderful goove in her music, made to put a smile to her listeners face.

The 31-year old artist tells Boots she grew up with country music, as her parents are fans. Still she has an interesting story about how she got really into country music:

"When I was 12, I used to sing karaoke every Wednesday at the local pub. The karaoke-host gave me homework to practice new country songs each time we met. The first was "Rose Garden" by Lynn Anderson."

Erika, that wrote her first song when she was 13, says that If you’d ask a fan of hers what song reflects her the most as an artists, the answer would be the Swedish song "Drömmen om Värmland", but for her it would be a mix between “The Band” and “who I am”

Along her way as an artist she's had several milestones. "The first was when my song about my hometown became viral on Facebook. The second was the first time I performed on Swedish live television"

The third milestone will be my upcoming album.

One of Erikas Live TV-Performances; "Swedens brand new country queen" says the YouTube-caption for this video.

When Boots asks Erika how she sees the Country music scene in Sweden, Erika says It’s pretty lame.

"There’s a few people really digging country but overall it’s pretty hard to make it as a country artist in Sweden. It’s way better in our neighboring country, Norway."

Erika, that says Ashley McBryde is her favorite artist, loves to spend her free time with her daughter, play sports, go fishing and drive trucks. When Boots ask her about the future and news, she answers:

"I will release a new album on June 3rd, “Rootless”. It’ll be my best album out there, in my opinion. The second single from it will be out May 20th. “Reason to leave this bar”
Me and my band is going on a summer tour, including Norway."

At her socials, you can find this little teaser, with the caption: "Ya ready for this?"

Bring it on Erika!

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