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European Country artist of the week: Danny McMahon!

While playing the C2C festival in London was a huge milestone for the British country artist Danny McMahon, he's already collected some amazing prizes; named country artist of the year 2019, entertainer of the year 2021(ISSA) just to mention a few, along with his new EP reaching #8 on all genres on iTunes. With his amazing ability to set his audience on fire and the next moment put the fire out with tears, Danny McMahon is ready to leave a lasting impression on the country music scene. Get to know Danny here!

I’m Danny McMahon, a Country/Pop Artist from Bristol in the UK.

Early beginnings - How did it all start?

I wrote my first song when I was 14 years old. I played in rock and Pop bands as a teenager, but in late 2017 I released my first Country single. It started as a side project, but things started happening really quickly with my Country music, so I decided to peruse it for real. Then it got really exciting…

My love for Country music came from the very first time I heard “Letter To Me” by Brad Paisley. I absolutely fell in love with how clever the lyrics were and how beautiful the melody was. I was hooked from then on.

What song of yours is the one reflecting you as an artists the most?

I have a super fun side and a very emotional side and I think that’s reflected in my music. I have upbeat fun songs and reflective sad songs. So I think I’d have to say “Senses” as my fast song and “Boys Cry Too” as my slow song because that song is a true representation of where I’m come from with opening up about mental health and feelings in general as a guy.

What kind of milestones would you say are the most important for you and your career now? Both those you have done and those coming.

I think having something to say and making people feel something is always my first milestone before anything else. However, in terms of notable achievements, playing C2C this year was an incredible moment for me and everyone I work with. The response was absolutely unbelievable. As for the rest of the year, I’m really excited to get back out to Nashville and play some shows with the band in September, that’s gonna be a definite highlight for 2022. Seeing the new EP get to number 8 all genre back in February was also a massive reflection of how far we’ve come.

How would YOU say the country music scene is in your country?

It’s definitely growing which is super exciting. In the four years I’ve been involved in the UK Country scene it’s grown year on year. It was great at C2C to see British artists pulling some really notable crowds. There’s more to come from us British artists I’m sure

What country artist is your favorite?

I have a few, it’s impossible to narrow it down to one. At the moment it’s Keith Urban, Sam Hunt and Russell Dickerson

What other than music do you like to do on your free time?

Going to the gym and cooking are the two things I love to do when I’m not doing music. My Teriyaki pork is a favourite!

Do you have any news to share with us?

The rest of this year is all gonna be focused on playing live and touring, but there is definitely gonna be some new music too!

Catch Boots and Danny McMahon chatting live on air at on the Boots of Europe show from 2pm - 5pm, Tuesday may 10th! (15-18 Norwegian time!)

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