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Erlend Gunstveit releases "Skylines In Blue"

Norways answer to Chris Young, the 2021 "The Voice Norway" winner, Erlend Gunstveit, enchanted the whole country with his deep baritone country voice on national TV last year. Erlend is now releasing the first single off his latest project, a result of a brand new collaboration set to shape his "sound".

- Article by Boots, 4/29.21.


“Skylines In The Blue” is a song written by Knut Bjørnar Asphol, and tells the story of how It’s like being a musician on the road. Very often it’s a lonely life, far away from your loved ones, but then again, the passion of what you still makes you chase the dream.” Erlend explains.

"Asphol wrote this when he was in the US last year, when he missed his family back home. This song describes my life last year, and that’s why I chose to record it and have it out as the first single of my new project. This song started our collaboration! “

Erlend explains.

Asphol is also the producer of his new project, a full studio album set to release this year.

Boots opinion It's clear that the message in this song is real. Erlend sings with great devotion and real emotions. The song is quite simple and gives an easy listening experience. The track offers lots of steel, guitar and mandolin. It's traditional, but still modern. Clean and neat.

It will be very exciting to follow Erlend on his music journey finding his sound. The 2021 The Voice Norway winner broke records when it came viewers and votings, making him a true fan favorite.

I have a clear vision for what I want my music to sound like. I’m very excited about my new project.

- Erlend Gunstveit.


Knut Bjørnar Asphol - Guitars and mandolin

Stian Carstensen - Pedal steel

Iver Olav Erstad - Rhodes and Hammond B3

Lewi Bergrud - Bass and background vocals

Thomas Gallatin - Drums and percussion


Erlend at Nashville Nights

Erlend is also set to perform at NashvilleNights Denmark(Odense) this fall. Nashville Nights Denmark is a festival brining Nashville to Europe. The festival portraits many hit songwriters, and also up and coming talent from USA and Europe. It's great entertainment; an exploration of country music of tomorrow, but also offers unique insight in the major hits we love today and loved yesterday.

Nashville Nights:

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