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‘English Country Boy’ - Guy Surtees review

Oppdatert: 17. aug. 2023

Guy is an artiste from Coventry who is truly independent, writing, playing, and producing his recordings. He does his own promo, marketing and networking, much like other independent artists.

Guy tells me that 'English County Boy' is his introduction, his testament giving a brief outline of his story, his history. Drawing on his inspiration of Dwight Yoakam, time spent in a Country band in California has all brought him to now, living out his dream. A dream that finally came into reality after watching C2C (County to Country) Dublin in 2019.

In regards to the song, Guy tells me that he's sure the references to "Walk The Line" and "9 to 5" won't be missed by real Country fans.

"A tuneful and uplifting three minute story song with a handclap breakdown in the middle, what more could anyone ask for?"

Not in it for fame and fortune, Guy wants the world to hear his soul bearing story songs, make his friends and family proud, and have a lot of fun along the way. 

"I was just a boy, when I heard that Country music for the first time, maybe it was a sign

Then came the night I turned on the radio, heard all about guitars and a Cadillac song

Dwight couldn’t do wrong"

Whether we were introduced to Country music as a child, or later in life, we've all been blessed by the stories shared by the artists, impacted by the buzz of the guitar and getting clear indication of their inspiration (Dwight).

"Now I’m an English Country boy, and my music brings me joy

Every day I try to walk the line, ain’t no working from 5 til 9

Country music is in my heart, and I know I gotta play my part

My guitar is my only toy, don’t matter where I go

I’m an English Country boy, I'm an English Country boy"

The chorus draws upon our identity, whilst tipping a nod to some well known hits. Music touches the soul and has the power to evoke such emotion, be it joy, or anything else. It is apparent that through Country music, Guy has found himself and how it has sparked a fire within him to join the scoresheet of Country music. Each artist a chord, they embody the chord that struck them, encouraged them to indulge in Country music. Whilst it's mentioned 'My guitar is my only toy, don't matter where I go' to some, a guitar isn't a toy, it's the symbol of their income. Music knows no boundaries, that's why it can travel anywhere, and cover any scenario or setting.

"Ten years later I hopped on a plane, flew into LA and two weeks after I land

I find myself in a band

I worked real hard and learned all the songs, I knew all along it was cool for a guy of my age

I jumped right on that stage" 

Whilst music knows no boundaries, sometimes you have to explore the world to find your sound, discover the best way to reverberate the chord that struck you. This verse details the hard work endured by many aspiring artist, the long distance travels, making new friends and possibly forming a band together.

"Now I’m playing my own songs, and singing out loud. Telling stories of my life, to the people in the crowd. Making all my friends proud."

Music, especially Country music, is all about the story. As much as it's refreshing hearing a new drinking song, or one about trucks, what really strikes me is how genuine the lyrics are, literally documenting a life.

'English Country Boy' was released 7th March 2023, meaning it is available to download and stream now! If you're not already following Guy on his socials or on your relevant music platform then you should be.

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