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‘Crushed Velvet Blue’ by Aida Heston review

Aida Heston brings 'Crushed Velvet Blue' as her first song on her second album.

Aida tells me that the song is about unlikely love:

"The one person that you thought couldn't possibly be your 'one' is actually the 'one'. When navigating life, one of our most primal yearnings is to have that someone in your life, and we've all gone through crushes, unrequited love, betrayals, being cheated on, so hoping or holding on to that hope for that love still burns intrinsically within you. It's a song of hope, of surprising reality that the one who loves you is the right one, that you're blessed beyond measure. And just taking a moment for realise the blessings in your life."

The song itself has a slow reflective feel to it, where you're looking back at past opportunities; perhaps recounting all the times where you've met 'the one' but not seized the moment until later down the line. The song also has moments of uplift, depicting hope, perhaps after finally finding 'the one'. The song builds and this emulates the euphoria we find in love, of being loved.

"So many twists and turns, on this road to you. Had my head spinning right from the start.

How could I know, that it would be you? That you'd find your way in my heart?"

This verse very aptly describes life as most know it, with 'twists and turns'. Our heads 'spinning right from the start' from all the choices we need to make, who we want to become, where our skill set lay, how we can achieve our dreams and desires.

"Such a beautiful smile, with tender eyes.

That lived just to love me. Your body so soft and warm, by my side. Heals parts of me."

These are both qualities we look for in others as they suggest compassion, welcoming warmth. Yet if this is extended to ourselves in a self love perspective, then we can instantly see it 'heals parts of me'.

"How did I get so lucky, How did I get so blessed, Is this some kind of trick or treat? You're like a beautiful dream, I catch my breathe, But I keep on travelling through time, just to get back to you. No matter what the future holds, You're my Crushed Velvet Blue."

The chorus reflects on how fortunate we are, namely how "lucky" and "blessed" we are, yet how we almost feel like an imposter for feeling that way, like it's meant to be a "trick or treat". It details how it's generally perceived to be out of reach "a beautiful dream" and "travelling through time, just to get back to you."

"I guess our lives could have been like a movie, star crossed lovers, twinned by fate. Standing only inches apart from you. But even that's too far away."

This lyric paints a very romantic image synonymous with Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet given that they too were "star crossed lovers, twinned by fate." Reference to standing close but being far away can highlight how well we truly know someone, and the struggles they're fighting internally.

The chorus plays again until the end of the song, to remind us to be grateful and blessed for what we have and everything we've experienced to get here, be it good or bad.

'Crushed Velvet Blue' was released 4th May and is available to stream and download from your music platforms.

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