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Country highlights of the week

One of our friends with Boots surprised us with batteling in The Voice, the other has a song added to Spotify’s hottest country playlist. A winner of The Voice Norway has dropped his first single since winning, and there´s been an opry debut that set an example for diversity. A few of the hottest news this week.

Friends with Boots, Nate Smith, had his song, “Sleeve” added to “Hot Country”. Nate joined our live back in May 2020, and a few weeks later his song wildfire went viral on TikTok. “Sleeve” is the artists most personal song that’s out, he says. Currently, Nate is Touring with Brett Elderedge, on his “Good Day Tour”.

Friends with Boots Kinsey Rose, visited us on Instagram live, this Tuesday. Friday we could see her batteling in the Voice. We’re left to wait for the result, but Blake Shelton seemed convinced and Kelly Clarkson said no one has a sound like her. Sounds good, don’t it? Results are coming Monday. We wish Kinsey all the best!

Talking about The Voice, Norway’s winner is Erlend Gunstveit. He is as country as can be, and sang his way into the Norwegian country hearts. Now he’s released an awesome song, and everything from his voice to the production is setting this release in world class.

And talking about winning, friends with Boots Danny McMahon also won a prize this week. ISSA REP Entertainer of the year! Congrats!

Cody Johnson has released a whole double album. The real cowboy gives us 18 «soaked through country» country songs. On that album you'll find this song. Boots had the pleasure to meet the writers of this song in Nashville Nights Denmark. The album hit nr.1 on apple iTunes not only on country but inn all genres!

Reba McEntire has also been on the release side. «Revived, Remixed Revisited is out… Need a little explanation? The Rebas will tell you.

Also, the latino country group, Kat&Alex had their Opry debut. The couple shared a reel in their Instagram showing off a comment they got on pulling in Spanish vibes into country music.

At the married couples instagram,@katandalex , they write this; REAL country fans embrace diversity ⚡️🤍🖤⚡️🇺🇸

In comments you can read many supportive comments, especially from people saying they from hispanic inheritance too. The “Black Like Me” artist Mickey Guyton, also commented:


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Have a great new week.

- Boots

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