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Country crossover - resurgence of a new generation.

The 2024 Super Bowl saw the news that Beyoncé, a much loved and respected Pop and R&B/ Soul artist revealed she has dabbled in the world of Country, and has released two tracks, "Texas Hold 'em", and "16 Carriages", both with a distinctive Country sound, coming from her upcoming album "Renaissance: Act II" due for release March 29.

Crossing over isn't a new concept, but it is a great way of broadening your fan base and reinventing yourself as an artist, seeking out a challenge from another genre. Whilst every genre is about storytelling through the lyrics, Country somehow feels the most authentic (personally).

Beyoncé isn't the only artist recently to confirm links to the genre, as Lana Del Rey has confirmed she'll be releasing a Country album called "Lasso", perhaps a reference to the lure of the genre, getting hooked and pulled in.

It is also reported that Post Malone, another Pop artist could be entering the genre, he's certainly teased the idea a few times, and being a Dallas native, it could be viewed he's going back to his roots. Malone was also seen at the 2023 Country Music Association Awards where he joined Morgan Wallen and Hardy in performing a tribute to Joe Diffie by playing "Pickup Man"

Of course cross-overs help keep the genre vibrant and are a great way of showcasing an artists influence. Some favour a Country Rock partnership whilst others consider the hybrid with Pop, or even Blues. It has been known to even intertwine with Rap.

I recall how another well known and respected Pop artist - Ed Sheeran has also stated his interest in the genre, especially after appearing at C2C festival in 2022. Sheeran is quoted as saying "I love the culture of it - I just love the songwriting. It's just like brilliant songs." It was also reported that he and his wife listen to Country radio and it is understood he was introduced to the genre when touring with Taylor Swift in 2013.

Time will tell who the next crossover artist is. Let me know in the comments who you'd like to see join the Country community, or are there any songs that you think could use a Countryfying?

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