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Caitlin Palm releases Diamond (In The Rough)!

The Norwegian artist has worked hard during the pandemic, and has dropped a good deal of music. This year, an American songwriter came across her music, and pitched her a song asking if she would be interested in cutting it. It's worth saying that the songwriter has just had a cut from the one and only Tanya Tucker and Eddie Montgomery.

The song is an amazing, feel-good power song that spins around the idea that the struggles people are going through, makes them a fine carved diamond.

Written by:

Rita Weyls

Kristin Denton

Kayleigh Delozier

Shane Grove.

Shane Grove is Friends With Boots and this is his first cut abroad.

This is my first cut abroad being released to radio for sure....I definitely feel blessed to have Caitlin singing something I co-wrote! Hopefully this will be a smash and will lead to some more opportunities to share our music with the world beyond the U.S.

Caitlin has been refered to Norways answer to Shania Twain, and this song really underlines her artistry. It really blows off some steam, that we know from artists like Carrie Underwood. This song is ready to put norway on the map.

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