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‘Breaker Breaker’ by Meghan Clarisse Cave review

Following the previous review of her song 'Monster' Meghan Clarisse has reached out to me again with her latest release which is a tribute to her late grandfather 1927 - 2018. He's adorning the cover art and she tells me between her grandparents, they both inspired her love of the outdoors and adventures.

"This song sounds like a trucker song - which it kind of is"

Meghan continues to tell me how she's fond memories of him in his truck hauling a camper and talking on the CB radio to other truckers; essentially this is what the song is about, so called 'trucker talk'. At the end of the song you'll hear his call sign, which Meghan and her family still refer to, W4KDX.

Starting with harmonica, light guitar and drums, it sounds like it could be the truck casually rolling along the highway, every so often broken by the sounds of the airways.

"Turn the key, diesel smoke

Static on the cb radio

Left behind the night skies

Got that sunrise in my eyes

Pulling a heavy load​

Towards the streets of gold."

The verse very clearly has trucking references, however these could also relate to ourselves. Getting up for the day, the diesel smoke either suggestive of a smoker, or perhaps suggesting our mindset is somewhat clouded, which is further enhanced by the 'static' or interference reference. Despite the interference, we can see the potential in the day, in ourselves as the sun rises in our eyes. We may be 'pulling a heavy load' of unhealed trauma, but we're heading for potential 'towards the streets of gold.'

"Breaker breaker what’s your 20

Keepin time cause time is money

Gotta a full tank and a cup of coffee

Breaker breaker do ya copy."

The chorus, referencing trucker terms once more, is essentially asking 'where are you?'. This is a question we should keep asking ourselves, where are we? Whilst the context is talking geographically, it could also be referencing your headspace. Are we still in the past? Focused on the future? Or perhaps we're right here content in the present. There is also reference to 'time is money'; now whilst this may be true, surely our time hear in this world is priceless. The chorus also subliminally mentions taking care of yourself 'Gotta a full tank and a cup of coffee' suggests that you're well fed and watered to see you through your next journey (metaphorically, the journey through life).

"Exit signs, can’t be late

I’m making good time on the interstate

From crater lake to Crabtree falls

I’ve been everywhere and seen it all

Hauling it all as planned

Towards the promised land."

Reference to 'exit signs' suggests all of the different paths we could take in life, whilst 'can't be late' suggests all the milestones we want to achieve, accomplish this by x date etc. Life is very much like a trucker, going through life, sometimes with a route mapped out, other times this needs changing to account for external factors. 'Hauling it all as planned, towards the promised land' could be perceived as taking our demons and trauma with us towards success in order to remain grounded.

The song returns to the chorus, giving us a remind to look after ourselves, and figure out what our 20 actually is.

"One more stop and I’ll be on my way

I’ve prayed all I can pray and I am not afraid."

This verse is perhaps demonstrating our strive for perfection. Just one more this, or one more that but really we should be comfortable in who and what we are, and no longer be afraid; afraid of how others will perceive us or of what they will say.

the song once again returns to the chorus to further emphasise the understanding of where we are, in the world, in time and in our lives.

"Breaker breaker Hammer down Just through one more town to get through now

Keep that engine good and loud

Over and out."


This verse suggests going full on and is perhaps the mindset many have after such a trauma to avoid reflecting on it and processing your emotions and feelings. So long as we remember to 'keep that engine good and loud' in other words, look flatter ourselves.

As mentioned earlier, the song closes referencing Meghan's grandfather's code.

'Whiskey four

Kilo delta X-ray


Whiskey four

Kilo delta X-ray.'

This is beautiful touch to a song dedicated to her grandfather one that certainly adds to the character and how bespoke it is.

The song is out now and available to download, stream and purchas from the usual music channels.

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