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‘Born Again (Free Rambling Man)’ - Stefan Olovsson review

Stefan, tells me the song was written when he was in a bad place and feeling lost. A feeling I'm sure we've all felt at some stage in our lives. Whilst it's a sad song, Stefan says it's got hope in it, hope of breaking out of that dark place and finding the sun.

Starting with a simple sliding guitar, the song carries an old school western vibe, and personally at times gave me a resemblance to Bowie's 'Ground control to major Tom'.

"Tide is driftin' up to shore, I can't hear nothin' anymore, death's a knockin' on my door"

The tide can be symbolic of the onset of the dark place and how when you're in that headspace, you block out others or seemingly can't hear them, wanting to isolate away and process it in your own way. The reference of 'death's a knockin' on my door' could therefore be suggestive to the contemplation of suicide whilst in that mindset.

"Way down yonder by the creek, I'll see you when night and daylight meet, lay yourself beside me put your hands in mine, underneath the naked sky"

The creek could be a safe space, to think and ponder, and perhaps connecting with loved ones who have passed. Wanting to reconnect with them telling them to 'lay yourself beside me put your hands in mine'. The naked sky could be symbolic of a lack of idea or creativity as to how to escape the dark space they find themselves in.

"Take me where I can see the sunshine

Somewhere I can hear the wolfpack cry

Take me dancing under the moonlight

Keep a lookout for me babe when I'm on the prowl 

Born Again a free Ramblin' man Born Again"

Wanting to be near sunshine isn't a bad thing with the increased vitamin D intake used to boost one's mood and morale. The reference to wolfpacks suggests that they feel isolated and perhaps distance from friends because of their perceived toxicity, and long to have a sense of belonging, in a pack so to speak. The born again reference is linking back to our dark spells and how we have to reinvent ourselves for others.

Born Again (Free Rambling Man) is out now, available on all streaming platforms. Be sure to follow Stefan for details of other upcoming releases and any information re gigs and tours.

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