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Boots for Ukraine, - Found raise for the Red Cross!

Due to the recent events in Ukraine, over three million people has fled their homes, left their lives and find themselves on the run. Many of them left absolutely everything they had. As much as 18 millon people have lost their homes and find themselfs on the run. In Ukraine the need for medicine supplies and help are huge.

Country music is made for people. It’s made to unite. It’s made for people like you and me. And therefore Boots of Europe and Boots of Italy, togheter with Boots of Norway, will do a live stream event to raise money for the Red Cross Italy.

The livestream Event will take place at boots of Europe’s YouTube Sunday, 20:30.

Tonights hosts are Boots and Mikol Frachey.

Give the channel a follow and push the bell to be notified!


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