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‘Big For Your Boots’ - Eleri Angharad review

Eleri Angharad, who brought us 'Snake Like You' earlier this year with great success, has turned her hand to Countryfying a well known hit from another genre.

Her version is a lively and energetic version of Stormzy's Grime hit 'Big For Your Boots', being released 30th November and will be available on all digital streaming and download platforms.

With percussion and guitar aplenty throughout, it has a toe tapping rhythm, you just can't shake. Undertaking a challenge such as this has certainly proven successful. Eleri is an accomplished artist and certainly not 'Big For Your Boots'.

It is fair to say releasing this cover has been unexpected, yet is highly anticipated, especially for a rising talent such as Eleri. But what a beautiful way to celebrate and round off 2022, a year that's been full of highs with appearances at Country 2 Country, Focus Wales, Country on The Coast, and In It Together Festival. Add to this her supporting appearances for Bailey Tomkinson, Jill Andrew's and Kezia Gill.

“I’ve wanted to do my own take on a cover song for ages, and originally planned on releasing ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’."

Eleri details, "I play it live and really enjoy performing it too. After bouncing some ideas around in the studio we joked about covering something completely different to my style. I’ve listened to a lot of Nelly recently and his collaborations with Florida Georgia Line and the recent Chance the Rapper Country cover of ‘Hot in Here’ for Jimmy Kimmel got us all thinking. ‘Big for your Boots’ just sounds like a country song waiting to happen so we took a chance and went with it! I think it’s great now that we can blend genres and really have fun with music. There’s no rules these days!”

Eleri teamed up with Dan Fry and Millie Blooms. Millie joins Eleri's team as Executive Producer for album number 2 following a successful collaboration with 'Snake Like You.

"It was a really fun process rearranging such a different sound, we broke down the lyrics and restructured it so it had more of a traditional Chorus section and switched up some of the slang for some fun American country-isms. I don’t think anyone should take this too seriously but it’s sure been fun sending it out to my friends and seeing if they can guess what song it is”.

'Big For Your Boots' is a subtle reminder to us all not to be too arrogant or full of ourselves in life. There is a fine line to being confident and cocky, and everything can change in an instant.

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