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‘Beautiful Dancer’ - Stefan Olovsson review

Stefan follows up his previous hit of 'Born Again' with 'Beautiful Dancer' a delicate love song so relatable to many. The song was released on 23rd June 2023 and is currently available for streaming and downloading.

"I wrote this song a long time ago, it was actually the first song I ever performed live in front of an audience. It's about this guy who is madly in-love with a dancer , but he can't have her and he feels like the loneliest person in the world."

Starting with a sliding guitar Stefan breaks into the lyrics, as the song builds there is a laboured, sort of plodding along drum beat, perhaps reflective of his feelings of not being able to get the 'Beautiful Dancer' of his dreams.

"Eyes are blind

Hands are tied

And I can't drink her off my mind"

The use of of 'Eyes are blind' when discussing love is somewhat oxymoronic because the saying goes that 'love is blind', and generally your first attraction is created through looks, using your eyes. However it is perhaps referring to being 'blind' to the personality and character of the subject. 'Hands are tied' is an interesting use but is more commonly associated with wanting something you can't have for one reason or another. Alternatively, it could be taken literally to heighten all the other senses we're feeling in that moment of lustfulness. It's interesting that Stefan has opted to reference drink, and how typically when faced with dejection or rejection, many turn to drink to forget them.

"Breathing in

Breathing out

It's not as easy as it sounds."

Breathwork is important to not only enable us to survive, but to remain present and not be swept away by fantasies, however it's never easy trying to maintain your focus when it can be distracted by such beauty.

"It's dark as night

I'm turning off the light."

This lyric is perhaps referencing the emotions when not able to get the girl of your dreams, sending you into a dark spiral. Alternatively it could be perceived as finally moving on and that little glimmer of hope (light) isn't really viable and to stop pursuing it.

"But all I see

When I close my eyes

I see her dancing

Through the night

Her long hair bouncing

Up and down

Her pretty smile as it lit up the night

Oh, beautiful dancer

Why can't you be mine?"

The chorus details how we can never truly move on from such a strong love; how they're in practically every thought, even when we close our eyes they remain there so vividly. We can recall minute details such as 'hair bouncing' and 'her pretty smile'. The chorus sounds like we're tormenting ourselves reliving them and questioning 'why can't you be mine?'

"No surprise

She's cold as ice

To be this lonesome is a crime."

Reflecting on the response, the rejection, this lyric clearly shows that whilst saddened not to be with them, they were expecting that response. This mentality isn't particularly healthy, be confident and assured in yourself and that will carry across. Detailing the interaction 'she's cold as ice' suggesting that there's not even the slightest warmth being given off. Being lonely has a greater impact on our lives than we may think. We become embroiled in our thoughts, second guessing ourselves, and the ever building doubt sets in. Am I destined to know happiness, destined for love, both for ourselves and for others?

"Stepping in

Stepping out

The rain is not wasting any time.

It's pouring down

It's a soothing sound."

This lyric is depicting the indecisiveness of pursuing love, the rain, clearly referring to the tears undoubtedly rolling down their face. 'It's pouring down. It's a soothing sound." emphasises how much those tears are flowing, not just the crocodile tears, but a full monsoon, yet it also highlights how much comfort this brings, much like listening to actual rainfall; it gives us time to be with ourself, our thoughts, deciding how we want to move forward, learning the lessons of this evident heartbreak.

The song returns to the chorus followed by the bridge, a collection of 'oh's', before returning once again to the chorus.

The song then builds into the outro which is almost identical to the songs intro with a slight variation to its third line.

"Eyes are blind

Hands are tied

I got a beautiful dancer on my mind."

Again returning to the idea that we are blind and bound when it comes to love, leaves the audience contemplating whether it's just our stomach being left in knots. Perhaps the reference to the 'beautiful dancer' is reference to our unique choreography of emotions we experience when experiencing love.

As referenced earlier, 'Beautiful Dancer' was released 23rd June 2023 and is available to stream and download now, and the music video, as detailed above, is also available on YouTube.

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