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‘Addiction’ by Amy Moore review

'Addiction' follows on from Amy's previous song 'Consequences' which I've had the pleasure of reviewing before. I'm grateful that Amy, and Jodie Mellor of Puzzle Maker Studios have reached out to review 'Addiction'.

'Addiction' one might imagine is a self explanatory song, however the genius of putting somewhat stigmatised situations into song can help remove said stigma and prejudice to addiction. Some see it as a lack of will power and self control, whilst some accept and acknowledge it as a medical condition. Whichever your perspective, Amy's music will certainly leave you wanting more.

"I'm suffocating,

I can't breathe

The thought of you has me helpless

You bring me to my knees I take this life of distress,

I'm suffocating."

The song starts with gentle strumming and picking almost as if it's being done to pass the tim, concealing an addiction. The first verse details what many may feel when the grips of addiction take hold; becoming overwhelmed, feeling the increasing pressure and suffocating from it. When we think of it (the addiction), it can render us helpless, drawing us into the the allure of the cause, be that drink, drugs, gambling, or any other form of addiction. Addiction can be distressing for both the patient and their close friends and family as they try lending support and guidance through recovery or managing their addiction.

"You're my addiction

You are my weakness

Even when I'm clean of you

You're all I can think about

You're my addiction."

The chorus, which is repeated, demonstrates us confronting our addiction, personifying it; yet it could be us staring in a mirror and is our addiction to being so perfect that we never truly find it. There is reference of how intense addiction can be in so much as 'even when I'm clean if you, you're all I can think about' which goes some way to portraying the full extent of addiction. If you're not being consumed by the addiction, you're either thinking of ways to get a bigger endorphin boost, or to try to cleanse and recover, and in recovery you have to be aware of what you're recovering from for full acceptance. No doubt it's a vicious cycle at times.

"All I want is to have a hit

My heart won't be satisfied no can't take no substitution

The real thing and the raw emotion is the only thing that will satisfy."

Whilst wanting another hit is something our bodies are telling us we crave, it's not always in our best interest to bow to these demands. Having said that there is very little that can emulate that same feeling and emotion. Quenching our thirst for the addiction is the only way the satisfy our desires. However, as with every addiction, we must remember to be responsible, and not overdose on it, no matter what the addiction is. Too much exposure will mean that we'll crave it even more and become accustomed to the frequency.

Once again the chorus plays out, reminding us that we're never really away from our addiction.

"Every minute of every day

My body craves you, can't think of the ways

I'm suffocating

And I can't breathe you're my poison just help me please"

The middle 8 or bridge is continuing the theme of its title with references to cravings, and how they overwhelm you like 'suffocating' and consume you 'every minute of every day'. There is an irony for one particular addiction, smoking, when saying 'I can't breathe you're my poison'. It's ironic because it's we'll documented that in smoking or indeed vaping, you're breathing in the poison and toxins. The middle 8 does however demonstrate that change wants to be made and that they're acknowledging that they need help.

The song once more returns to chorus before finishing with :

"There's nothing I can find that gives me it you're my addiction."

Reference to addiction could also be perceived to have a somewhat romantic connotation in so much as when it's early days (or perhaps a well established) relationship then your partner also becomes your addiction. They give you the high, the rush of endorphins meaning that you're intoxicated on love.

'Addiction' was released 7th July 2023 so is available to download and stream from your usual music streaming platforms.

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